Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Great 100% Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich Experiment

Dad and I stopped at Carr Valley Cheese in Mauston, Wisconsin on our way back from Illinois on Monday because I saw someone else's blog post ( about Bread Cheese and how they made a grilled cheese sandwich with it....I was in love. I had to try it.

After some whining, begging, and pleading, Dad agreed to stop in Mauston and we picked up some goodies at the cheese shop. And they had a TON of goodies!!! Check out NOM! I bought two "slices" of regular Bread Cheese, some Garlic Bread Cheese, and a hunk of Bacon Cheese...which is absolutely glorious. Carr Valley Cheese is my new favorite place FYI.

So today, I made the cheese into a grilled cheese sandwich exactly like you make it with bread except I used shredded cheddar cheese because I didn't have any American cheese.

What the package looks like:

First, I sliced the big slice into thinner slices, because .41 of a pound of cheese is way too much for 1 sandwich! I saved the middle slice for a snack.
I buttered the slices of Bread Cheese.

 I put the slices, buttered side down over medium heat.

I threw on some shredded cheddar cheese.

 I sandwiched the slices together and fried them a while longer, and TADA! 100% Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich!

My thoughts? To be honest, it was way the hell too much cheese for me. Too much cheese? How is that possible??? You might ask. Yes! Believe it or not! It was tasty, but oh my god. That little sammich packs a lot of sodium, fat, and deliciousness. I ate a biscuit along with it because it needed bread or something to go along with it. I think it would have been perfect if the sandwich was cut in half or quartered instead.

It was really cool that the Bread Cheese didn't melt, it held it's shape really well. I think it's because Carr Valley Cheese bakes it- it's how they make the stuff. The Bread Cheese itself is pretty mild- it is salty but it's really good on crackers and I've heard that it's tasty with sugar-free syrup (I don't eat sugar), so that's what I plan to try next.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Obamobile Went to the Hospital

Chicago Trip

Dad and I went to Chicago this past weekend for the Chicago Sun Times Sports Collectible Convention. It was a good time. He put me to work cleaning up display cases, setting up stuff, running little errands, and standing there looking pretty to attract customers. He bought me some awesome hoodies and fed me all kinds of yummy food at places like Sweet Baby Ray's, Texas Roadhouse, and the Ram. I was spoiled. The best part was that I had an entire weekend with Dad all to myself! :)

A semi-decent picture of my Dad and I:

 Just getting things set up at the show:
 The Rhinelander burger I ate at the Ram. NOMMMMM.
 Dad and I were feeling adventurous and ate some sushi on Friday. It wasn't too bad!
 Showing off my vendor tag.

Stupid Van

So on my way to Dad's on Thursday morning, my battery light came on....GREAT! (sarcasm)Thankfully, I made it without any problems, and I had expected the van to be dead when we got back from Chicago, but it started up like a champ when I started it on Monday.

So I took the sexy beast of a van back to Duluth, and everything had been going fine up until Mora...That's when the clock started blinking, so I figured my battery was about to start crapping out on me. I continued on my way, though. I wanted to get as far as I could. I had my radio and fan turned off...anything that could have drained the battery even more. Once I was just a little past Cloquet, the van shut off on I-35....that was pretty sweet. It kind of freaked me out a bit, but I coasted to the shoulder and called AAA. (Thanks Dad for the membership!!!! It has saved my butt on more than a few occasions!!!!) 

I got towed to Cloquet Service Center and sure enough when I got there, they had just closed! On top of it, AAA miscalculated the mileage and I ended up having to pay the tow guy $16. I am covered up to and don't have to pay for any tow within 5 miles....and the lady at AAA said this service center was 1.6 miles away, however she didn't calculate the turn around that the tow truck driver had to make since I was on I-35 in the opposite direction of Cloquet...UGH!

I had to get a rental car because I didn't really know anyone in Cloquet and didn't want to impose on any friends in Duluth to cart my ass around....and that cost me $45. So with the tow, the rental car, and the gas for the rental car, I'm already out almost $70 BEFORE my van was even looked at!

Fast forward to yesterday....The technician looked at my van and it was the alternator. With the parts and labor, the grand total came to $372. Awesome. Why in the heck are alternators so expensive!?! I get labor, but sheesh. The auto shops mark up parts so much, it's ridiculous! I can't wait until I am moved down closer to my fiancĂ©. He is quite handy with vehicles, and I wouldn't be out nearly as much money if the Obamobile had crapped out down there. And I wouldn't have to pay $140 in labor to Eric....a hot, home-cooked meal, beer, and a shoulder rub would suffice for him, I'm sure.

Well, that's all I have for right now. Dad and I stopped at Carr Valley Cheese on our way back from Illinois and I bought some of their bread cheese. I shall experiment with that and let you know how that goes!

Monday, March 18, 2013


Welcome to my new blog! Writing about my weight loss surgery got boring because it's been over two years now since the surgery and it's old news. I've started a new chapter in my life, and it's a big one! There's a lot of new changes about to happen within the next year and a half, which are worthy to write about.

I recently got engaged to the love of my life, Eric :) We bought a home in a (very!) small town 5 hours away from where I currently live, which is in need of several updates.

My game plan for this blog is to write about the home renovation, my wedding planning, my change from living in a city to moving to country life, and to newlywed married life. I hope you find it interesting. I love to write, and I live a few hours from home, so it's nice to keep my family and friends updated on what's been going on.

We closed on a 4 bedroom farmhouse on January 23rd 2013. We got it super cheap, as it was an estate. The previous owner had passed away and the family was sitting on the house for the two years since then. They practically gave it away...sweet deal for us...and we got a ton of furniture with it. We have sold a bunch of's all a bunch of vintage stuff. We are keeping the dining room table, washer/dryer, stove, fridge, and freezers. We are keeping a bedroom set for the guest room. A lot of it was ugly and had been picked over already, so it got tossed. We found some neat collectibles in the house too, which we are selling. We have been able to buy construction supplies and tools with the money so far.

We started taking down wallpaper in the living room and office, but the walls were in poor condition, so Eric and his buddies tore out all the plaster walls. Currently, the living room is a disaster zone, but soon there will be drywall up and it will be a lot cleaner!

This weekend we picked up paint samples, paint supplies, and a few toys (tools) for Eric. He has a lot of work to do before I come down in two weeks to paint.

Job Situation
I applied and interviewed for my dream job, but did not get offered the position. I was completely crushed when I got the phone call that they offered it to someone else. It's pretty much my only opportunity to get a job in my field close to my new hometown. It's pretty difficult to get a job in my field, as it is very competitive. I'll either have to work in a city further away from home and commute over an hour, like to Fargo or Watertown, or I'll have to  go back to school. I think for the time being, I am going to have to take a CNA class while I'm still in D-town so I have something to fall back on. They always are in need of CNAs where I am moving to.

Currently, I am working full-time overnights as a counselor at residential treatment, and as a part-time probation officer on weekends. Soon, I will be working straight seven days a week. I could have turned the PO job down, but I need the experience. I should turn it down. I still can, but I don't want to and I shouldn't if I ever want to work as a full-time PO. I need to earn it.  Doing this temporary PO job will help me earn about an extra $800-$1000 per month which can go directly to the house and wedding funds.

I start the 7 days a week in April, and just thinking about it makes me want to puke. Right now, I am working 2 jobs, a PO one and the same overnight job, except for I go to the courthouse right after my overnight shift. It's hard to work on no sleep, and I have to go do it today...ugh, but I do love it. At least with the weekend PO job, I will get a break and will get a chance to sleep before I work.

Wedding Planning
We got engaged on March 2nd, 2013. :) He asked me after we were finished scraping wallpaper in our new home. It was perfect :) So far, we have decided on a few things: we are having the wedding in Browns Valley on July 12th, 2014 and our colors are going to be purple/silver. We want to plan for a low-cost wedding so we can spend a lot on our *hopefully* European honeymoon, so I would love to have the reception on the farm, BBQ style with a hog roast (plenty of booze!!!!!) or something. Something casual, laid-back, and fun for our guests.  It's so fun to plan and dream about what we could do to celebrate our special day. I'm very excited to begin my life with Eric. He is very special to me :)