Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Great 100% Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich Experiment

Dad and I stopped at Carr Valley Cheese in Mauston, Wisconsin on our way back from Illinois on Monday because I saw someone else's blog post ( about Bread Cheese and how they made a grilled cheese sandwich with it....I was in love. I had to try it.

After some whining, begging, and pleading, Dad agreed to stop in Mauston and we picked up some goodies at the cheese shop. And they had a TON of goodies!!! Check out NOM! I bought two "slices" of regular Bread Cheese, some Garlic Bread Cheese, and a hunk of Bacon Cheese...which is absolutely glorious. Carr Valley Cheese is my new favorite place FYI.

So today, I made the cheese into a grilled cheese sandwich exactly like you make it with bread except I used shredded cheddar cheese because I didn't have any American cheese.

What the package looks like:

First, I sliced the big slice into thinner slices, because .41 of a pound of cheese is way too much for 1 sandwich! I saved the middle slice for a snack.
I buttered the slices of Bread Cheese.

 I put the slices, buttered side down over medium heat.

I threw on some shredded cheddar cheese.

 I sandwiched the slices together and fried them a while longer, and TADA! 100% Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich!

My thoughts? To be honest, it was way the hell too much cheese for me. Too much cheese? How is that possible??? You might ask. Yes! Believe it or not! It was tasty, but oh my god. That little sammich packs a lot of sodium, fat, and deliciousness. I ate a biscuit along with it because it needed bread or something to go along with it. I think it would have been perfect if the sandwich was cut in half or quartered instead.

It was really cool that the Bread Cheese didn't melt, it held it's shape really well. I think it's because Carr Valley Cheese bakes it- it's how they make the stuff. The Bread Cheese itself is pretty mild- it is salty but it's really good on crackers and I've heard that it's tasty with sugar-free syrup (I don't eat sugar), so that's what I plan to try next.

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