Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Great Sewer Debacle

This weekend, I went down into my basement of the apartment I live in to bring my belongings up to pack in my van....and it STUNK really bad. There also was about an inch of water on the floor...So I texted my landlord and told him that it smelled like ass in the basement and told him about the water. He asked me if I was exaggerating or if it really smelled bad. I was like, no! It really smells like sewer. So, he came over and took a look. 

Turns out the sewer was blocked up and he decided that it looked like a job that he couldn't take on by himself, so he had to call a plumber to take care of it. The plumber people couldn't get to my place until 11, and by this time I am already getting really tired because I just got off working an overnight. I was a wee bit cranky.

They tried pumping it out and there was SO MUCH stuff in the pipes that the pump BROKE! They said that baby wipes, among other things like oatmeal(?!???!?) and toothpicks had blocked it up.

At one point, (while I was enjoying my tasty lunch of fish sticks and mac 'n cheese) they had resorted to carrying my raw sewage out through my apartment as I was eating at the table. That was quite appetizing.

They tried getting the snake into the pipes and it kept getting jammed and by like 3pm, they gave up when the sewer main BROKE!

The next day they came in to start work at 12pm, but ended up not doing anything, so I stayed at a creepy, ghetto motel since I couldn't crap in my own home!

Yesterday, they brought a jackhammer in and had to go through the basement floor to try to fix the problem, and I guess they couldn't, so they temporarily rerouted the plumbing past the break. While they did the jackhammering, I packed up the three kitties and put them outside, so they were safely away from the loud noise. I didn't want to hurt their sensitive ears.

Apparently, today they are going to need to take a backhoe and dig up the yard...I am really hoping they can do the work completely on the outside so I can sleep in my own home now. I can't afford to stay in a motel for another night and risk being violated by creepers. Seriously. This motel is ghetto fabulous....pretty sure it's a rent by the hour type place, right on Superior Street.

Keep your fingers crossed that the work will be completed today and that I will be able to sleep (and poo) peacefully in my own home again!

The furkids outside, wondering what the heck that crazy noise is on the inside of the house:

Sunday, April 21, 2013

More Painting

Eric, his mom, and his sister have been busy painting the heck out of our house! They've gotten everything primed, and a few rooms painted. The kitchen is done, and the yellow bedroom is mostly done. I love all the colors in the rooms! I can't wait until the living and dining rooms are finished! The kitchen looks very sharp from the picture. I really like the sage green and how it contrasts with the wood paneling.

We had  a mishap with the yellow bedroom so I need to figure out what I need to do to fix the paint yet. When Eric peeled the tape back, the paint peeled off with it. See the picture below....yuck. I think I am just going to peel off the rest of the loose paint and touch it up.

I am thankful for all the work they have been doing. I feel really bad that I haven't been able to help as much. I've been working 7 days a week between both jobs, so I feel pretty useless :( I bought Eric a little treat (a case of Grainbelt Nordeast) as a token of my appreciation of his hard work. All I can do from Duluth is cheer him on and save some money to put towards house supplies.

I'm slowly packing stuff  in Duluth here, in hopes of finding a job soon. I'll be ready to move as soon as I accept the offer. A lot of my stuff is already in Browns Valley. I've had a couple interviews but no offers. I'm not in a big hurry, but my lease is up in it's either get a job or find someone to live with because I don't want to renew my lease. I'm moving the cats down to the house in May into the basement. The basement is nice and clean and will be a suitable place for them to live until the house gets completed. They probably won't like it, but there are worse places I can send them to live. It'll do for now. I'm going to miss them like crazy if I have to stay in Duluth for a long time though!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Drywallin' Ballin'

The contractor has all the drywall up. He is a speedy worker! Eric had to go vacuum up all of the insulation particles so that they wouldn't contaminate the mud for the drywall. Hopefully all of the work will be done by the end of the week, and Eric will be able to prime all of the walls in the living room and office. Yay! Progress!
What's been happening:

On the wedding front, I think we have finalized a place to have the ceremony/reception! I am pretty happy about that. The place we originally wanted to have it, isn't reliable, so we had to move it. I also called a couple of caterers, so we have narrowed them down to two different ones to choose from. We just have to figure out if we want to go with the more expensive one with more options and beverages, or the cheap one with tons of experience and set menu (of which the sides I'm not crazy about).

I am liking the weekend job so far. I hate that we are STILL getting snow...crappy. I almost got stuck in two driveways...NOT COOL. And we are supposed to get another 6-8 inches tonight and tomorrow. Other than that, it's not too bad driving around getting breathalyzers from people while drinking coffee. I am thankful for GPS, that is for sure!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 1 of Painting

Painting is exhausting! I didn't know it was going to be so much work!

Eric was busy working on little projects downstairs in the living room and office because our drywall contractor has been stalking him down wondering when he can start work.....(must be a slow time of year for business, eh?) Eric has to finish up on a few odds and ends downstairs, but they are little projects that are taking a lot of time. He still needs to do some electrical work, finish up on cleaning up that messy plaster, and put in a couple extra studs so the contractor can hang drywall properly. I'm sure there are other things to do, but I can't think of them right now.  That's his focus is the painting. It all takes time, and is difficult to do when working 40 hours a week already. Things will be easier once all the labor intensive stuff is completed.

So, with Eric doing his own thing, I had to paint all by my lonesome...I actually think painting would be fun if I had people to paint with, so I might have to bribe some friends with booze and snacks or something to paint with me next time I go down to the house. :)

I am painting over this awful wallpaper paneling's like the offspring of wood paneling and wallpaper- like if the two of them hooked up and had a baby together...that's what I'm working with. It's wallpaper that's nailed to the wall. And we're using high end Dutch Boy paint, that's a two-in-one primer/paint combo that's supposed to have "superior" coverage...but it's not....So, I have already put on 2 coats of paint, and I will need to do at least 1-2 more. In Dutch Boy's defense, I am painting with yellow paint, so that must be why the coverage isn't as great as I had hoped for.

I plan to test the other colors out first before wasting my time on the other bedrooms and seeing how it covers....we might need to buy some primer. The other colors are much darker, so we might not need primer at all for the other two upstairs bedrooms. We shall see.

Just so you can see what I started with, these are what the walls look like before paint:

And here is what it looks like halfway after starting coat #2 of the paint (I promise, it doesn't look THAT piss yellow in real life!!!!) :

In other news, I found a caterer in Fargo that has the type of food we want to serve for our wedding. I'm sort of stoked!!! I am going to do some more snooping into their company and see if they have good reviews and what other options they have for side dishes. They seem to have reasonable rates, too. I will do a big happy dance if it can work out! :)