Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 1 of Painting

Painting is exhausting! I didn't know it was going to be so much work!

Eric was busy working on little projects downstairs in the living room and office because our drywall contractor has been stalking him down wondering when he can start work.....(must be a slow time of year for business, eh?) Eric has to finish up on a few odds and ends downstairs, but they are little projects that are taking a lot of time. He still needs to do some electrical work, finish up on cleaning up that messy plaster, and put in a couple extra studs so the contractor can hang drywall properly. I'm sure there are other things to do, but I can't think of them right now.  That's his focus is the painting. It all takes time, and is difficult to do when working 40 hours a week already. Things will be easier once all the labor intensive stuff is completed.

So, with Eric doing his own thing, I had to paint all by my lonesome...I actually think painting would be fun if I had people to paint with, so I might have to bribe some friends with booze and snacks or something to paint with me next time I go down to the house. :)

I am painting over this awful wallpaper paneling's like the offspring of wood paneling and wallpaper- like if the two of them hooked up and had a baby together...that's what I'm working with. It's wallpaper that's nailed to the wall. And we're using high end Dutch Boy paint, that's a two-in-one primer/paint combo that's supposed to have "superior" coverage...but it's not....So, I have already put on 2 coats of paint, and I will need to do at least 1-2 more. In Dutch Boy's defense, I am painting with yellow paint, so that must be why the coverage isn't as great as I had hoped for.

I plan to test the other colors out first before wasting my time on the other bedrooms and seeing how it covers....we might need to buy some primer. The other colors are much darker, so we might not need primer at all for the other two upstairs bedrooms. We shall see.

Just so you can see what I started with, these are what the walls look like before paint:

And here is what it looks like halfway after starting coat #2 of the paint (I promise, it doesn't look THAT piss yellow in real life!!!!) :

In other news, I found a caterer in Fargo that has the type of food we want to serve for our wedding. I'm sort of stoked!!! I am going to do some more snooping into their company and see if they have good reviews and what other options they have for side dishes. They seem to have reasonable rates, too. I will do a big happy dance if it can work out! :)

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