Monday, May 27, 2013

Flooring :)

I took a few days off and we did some flooring this weekend. My wonderful father came down to help out. We would have been totally lost without his help! We are SO thankful for him! Eric learned some new carpentry skills and we now have an awesome looking new floor.  While they installed the floor, I tried to stay out of the way by running errands, painting the office closet, and tearing out the carpet upstairs.

I think after floors are done, the plan is to get the trim work all finished so the rooms are all completed. Next is on to the bathroom downstairs, which is just to add flooring and to replace the vanity top (already bought and paid for), and the hardware on the existing vanity. After that, it's on to the kitchen and entryway flooring.

These laminate boxes were heavy....I'll never hear the end of it because I could not pull this cart for the life of me.
 I had to pile the laminate up inside the house for at least 48 hours so it could adjust to the humidity.
 Eric got to buy yet another toy because of this job....I'm jealous. Another toy for him and I get
This is the closet that I painted white. It was originally a baby pink color.
Eric spent a good ten minutes putting putty on this surface to even it out, and then I accidently went and stepped on it. Whoops!
 I have a great garden!!!
 I am loving my tulips!
 Pretty tulips and I have tons of lilies growing! :)
Dining room before:

 Office before/during:
 Living room before:
Dining room after:
 Living room after:
 Office after:
This curve required a lot of concentration. Eric was very grateful to have Dad's expertise to make the measurements and help with cutting!  This curved wall is going to look bad ass once the trim is on it!


We looked at a few venues for the wedding and we decided on we just need to pay the deposit and we'll be set :) We can get married right at the reception hall, too, so we will save a bunch on not having to rent another place for the short ceremony. We are super excited now :)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Yet Another Unpleasant Surprise: On to Plan B

Eric has been truckin' along this week, tearing up carpet and pulling out staples from the floor. Yesterday, he pulled up the padding from the living room and found that the hardwood floor is not finished there either...The floor is fabulous on the sides of the room, but right in the middle is some weirdness going on. I'm upset. This sucks. We were both looking forward to having some nicely redone hardwood floors, but there is too much crap to fix to make it worth it.

Eric is going to continue pulling out staples and getting the carpets out. I will be traveling down to Browns Valley on Wednesday or Thursday this week to help finish cleaning up the floors. On Friday, we are going to buy some wood laminate and on Saturday, my awesome dad is going to come down to help install it. We plan to just do the entire main floor with wood laminate. There is still hope for the upstairs to be re-finished. I have seen two of the bedroom's floors and they are acceptable. We have yet to see our bedroom's floor....we will have to see how that looks...otherwise, we might just say "screw it" and carpet the stairs and the entire second floor. Actually, that sounds like a fine idea. I think Eric might like that idea better, too.

We can see now why everything was carpeted. It's too bad we can't refinish it. Well, we COULD refinish it, but we won't. The house just isn't worth it. We didn't pay squat for the house...You can buy a used car for what we paid for the house, so it doesn't make sense to put a ton of money into it, especially for where it is located. It won't make a profit off of it, unless Browns Valley has some crazy job boom or something where everyone and their mom suddenly wants to move there.

Eric tilled my garden and apparently we have tulips growing along side the house!! And we have rhubarb, too! My little inner homemaker is excited to emerge and bust out my gardening skills (well, learn gardening skills!) and plant some goodies! I found a canner and canning supplies that were left behind from the previous owner in the basement, so this fall I am going to see if Dad or Grandma will teach me the wonders of canning. You readers (if I have will get to see all of that....that's basically why I started this blog. That's all country stuff!! :) I am excited to start all of it! :)

I found another job to apply to down there...Keep your fingers crossed. I'm down to one job up here now, and am volunteering at the other place for now just to gain experience. Hopefully, I can get hired there too in a permanent position...either there or at the place I applied near Browns Valley. Either way, I'd be happy. I need a job in my field.

Wedding planning...ugh. Weddings are expensive. I wish I could elope. Eric won't let me. Boo. :) We'll have a big party...It'll be fun. We're looking at having an indoor reception now because an outdoor one has too many risks and is actually a lot more expensive.

I baked cupcakes from scratch tonight...frosting too. I'm going to be popular at work tomorrow.

Those little tufts are where the staples are...Apparently, it's a pain in the butt to pull them out.
 Look how nice the wood floors are outside the weirdness...the floors would have been so nice :(
 Living room, when Eric first uncovered it:
 Dining room has mismatched and unstained wood:

 Eric was proud of all his hard work pulling all these pesky strips off of the floor:

Have a good one! :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Painting is done! Onward ho, to floors we go!


Eric's Mom is a trooper. That woman is a painting machine! She deserves an award....seriously. You put a quarter in her and she can paint a whole house if you let her. I am thankful for all of her help!!! We would not have gotten the house done nearly as fast if it weren't for all of her hard work. A big thanks to Eric's sister Lindsey, too! (Eric helped a little bit, too...haha!)

We haven't had anymore mishaps with the painting...I still need to touch up the yellow room. I have yet to get back there to do so. Eric even surprised me and painted the bathroom my favorite color :) He added some white to the purple paint, to lighten it up and painted the bathroom a light purple. It looks pretty from the picture he texted me. He says the house looks very different now.


Eric found an unpleasant surprise when he tore up the carpet in the office and found subfloor or something....the hardwood wasn't finished. The hardwood was only done around the perimeter of the room...the middle just had a filler!! I looked at my phone in horror, and literally yelled out loud. Dakotah even jumped off the bed I think when I yelled, "What the F*** it THAT!?!?!?!"  I really hope we don't find more surprises...I can handle carpeting the office, but I really want to refinish the living and dining room. I will be pretty upset if the flooring underneath is bad...:(

We're getting crown molding because we're fancy...haha

We need to add some crown molding to the living room and office because there is a big gap between the new walls and the ceiling. The plaster took up more space than the drywall does. I think Eric found some, he held up a sample and took a picture of it. I approved...but totally forgot to save it.


The cats are good. Lily is better now since the plumbers are no longer at our house fixing the sewer problem in the basement. She stopped grooming herself due to stress for like a week. She had greasy mats in her fur and quit cleaning her butt...It was gross. She let herself go...LOL. I bought some kitty wipes, took a brush to her, and freshened her up...she's like a new woman! April

I know it's May now, but I totally should have said something about it last month. We got crapped on by a ton of snow in April. I live in Duluth....we got record amounts of snow because of the lake effect of Lake Superior...I snapped a picture as I was literally trudging through the white crap to my apartment one morning after work. This is what my sidewalk looked like about 4 times in April...super annoying....and my landlord SUCKS at snow-blowing....he only does it when it's convenient for him.