Monday, May 27, 2013

Flooring :)

I took a few days off and we did some flooring this weekend. My wonderful father came down to help out. We would have been totally lost without his help! We are SO thankful for him! Eric learned some new carpentry skills and we now have an awesome looking new floor.  While they installed the floor, I tried to stay out of the way by running errands, painting the office closet, and tearing out the carpet upstairs.

I think after floors are done, the plan is to get the trim work all finished so the rooms are all completed. Next is on to the bathroom downstairs, which is just to add flooring and to replace the vanity top (already bought and paid for), and the hardware on the existing vanity. After that, it's on to the kitchen and entryway flooring.

These laminate boxes were heavy....I'll never hear the end of it because I could not pull this cart for the life of me.
 I had to pile the laminate up inside the house for at least 48 hours so it could adjust to the humidity.
 Eric got to buy yet another toy because of this job....I'm jealous. Another toy for him and I get
This is the closet that I painted white. It was originally a baby pink color.
Eric spent a good ten minutes putting putty on this surface to even it out, and then I accidently went and stepped on it. Whoops!
 I have a great garden!!!
 I am loving my tulips!
 Pretty tulips and I have tons of lilies growing! :)
Dining room before:

 Office before/during:
 Living room before:
Dining room after:
 Living room after:
 Office after:
This curve required a lot of concentration. Eric was very grateful to have Dad's expertise to make the measurements and help with cutting!  This curved wall is going to look bad ass once the trim is on it!


We looked at a few venues for the wedding and we decided on we just need to pay the deposit and we'll be set :) We can get married right at the reception hall, too, so we will save a bunch on not having to rent another place for the short ceremony. We are super excited now :)

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