Friday, May 3, 2013

Painting is done! Onward ho, to floors we go!


Eric's Mom is a trooper. That woman is a painting machine! She deserves an award....seriously. You put a quarter in her and she can paint a whole house if you let her. I am thankful for all of her help!!! We would not have gotten the house done nearly as fast if it weren't for all of her hard work. A big thanks to Eric's sister Lindsey, too! (Eric helped a little bit, too...haha!)

We haven't had anymore mishaps with the painting...I still need to touch up the yellow room. I have yet to get back there to do so. Eric even surprised me and painted the bathroom my favorite color :) He added some white to the purple paint, to lighten it up and painted the bathroom a light purple. It looks pretty from the picture he texted me. He says the house looks very different now.


Eric found an unpleasant surprise when he tore up the carpet in the office and found subfloor or something....the hardwood wasn't finished. The hardwood was only done around the perimeter of the room...the middle just had a filler!! I looked at my phone in horror, and literally yelled out loud. Dakotah even jumped off the bed I think when I yelled, "What the F*** it THAT!?!?!?!"  I really hope we don't find more surprises...I can handle carpeting the office, but I really want to refinish the living and dining room. I will be pretty upset if the flooring underneath is bad...:(

We're getting crown molding because we're fancy...haha

We need to add some crown molding to the living room and office because there is a big gap between the new walls and the ceiling. The plaster took up more space than the drywall does. I think Eric found some, he held up a sample and took a picture of it. I approved...but totally forgot to save it.


The cats are good. Lily is better now since the plumbers are no longer at our house fixing the sewer problem in the basement. She stopped grooming herself due to stress for like a week. She had greasy mats in her fur and quit cleaning her butt...It was gross. She let herself go...LOL. I bought some kitty wipes, took a brush to her, and freshened her up...she's like a new woman! April

I know it's May now, but I totally should have said something about it last month. We got crapped on by a ton of snow in April. I live in Duluth....we got record amounts of snow because of the lake effect of Lake Superior...I snapped a picture as I was literally trudging through the white crap to my apartment one morning after work. This is what my sidewalk looked like about 4 times in April...super annoying....and my landlord SUCKS at snow-blowing....he only does it when it's convenient for him.

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