Wednesday, June 12, 2013

First Camping Trip of 2013

It was freezing the first night! Well, even both nights I slept in my winter jacket and two pairs of pants, with a huge comforter over me. Even Eric complained that he was cold and he's always the one to say he's too hot. The weather on Friday and Saturday was good. We had a nice fire on Friday night. It was so relaxing. We made some pork chops and roasted veggies on his new little grill. He had a tough time trying to figure out how to use it. I forgot to pack a few key salt and a can opener. So, Eric had to go without his baked beans on Saturday with his brats.

On Saturday, we toured the Third Street Brewery in Cold Spring and then we went to my cousin's graduation party and had a lot of fun. I got to play with my little nephew Keagan. He is a little doll, and is the most content and happy baby. I just love and adore him so much :) We stayed at the party until 9:30 or so and got back to the campsite so we could start another fire. We had another peaceful night, listening to the crickets, frogs, and "swamp birds" as I called them. I probably won't live that down. Haha. The weather was good for the first two days, but at about 4am on Sunday morning, it started to rain a lot.

Our tent had a few leaky spots so some of our sleeping bags got wet. We ended up waking up early and hightailing it out of there. We didn't want to stay and try to cook food in the rain. It was very miserable trying to pack up all of our wet stuff in the rain. I was crabby, Eric was crabby....We found a little restaurant in Richmond to eat breakfast at, and then we headed our separate ways. We felt a little bit better once we were warm and dry.

Other than the wet Sunday morning, it was a great weekend. We have another camping trip planned for the end of the month in Red Lake Falls with some of my college friends from NDSU.

Our view from our site:
 The lantern Dad gave us:
 My kind of morning! Coffee, campfire, and good company (Eric).
 What our little camp looked like:
 We took a walk and I made Eric pose for a picture by the lake. He was less than :)
 Gloomy, rainy Sunday morning:
 Eric looked....interesting in his boots and shorts combo here...haha
 This is how we made coffee...boiled water and used instant coffee. We SERIOUSLY need to invest in a peculator!

At the Third Street Brewery, getting ready for our tour.

Breakfast of Champions: BACON!

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