Friday, June 28, 2013

Little Miss Miss Has a Green Thumb

I went to visit my sugar muffin two weeks ago in Browns Valley and we got a lot of work done! I jokingly call him my sugar muffin now because we were watching the DIY Network's Renovation Realities and one of the people on the show was from Poland. In her fun accent, she kept calling her husband "sugar muffin"...It sounded hilarious with a hard Eastern European accent...LOL.

This is a long update, hopefully it's not too boring! :)

Swimming......In the Basement

The basement flooded a month or so ago...we had about a foot of water in the basement because the sump pump broke. Eric worked hard and dried it out. However, last weekend Browns Valley got drenched in 12 feet of rain (well it felt like it!). The next morning, I went to the basement to clean out the previous owner's belongings, and it had water up to my ankles in it again! That was a cold and interesting time cleaning up all the garbage from the basement. I definitely earned my keep that day! I hauled out 6 or 7 huge (and heavy) lawn bags full of garbage from the basement.

There were a few collectibles that I am going to work on selling that were left in the house when we bought it. I think we will have a garage sale or something once we both get moved in and combine households. We need to upgrade on dishes, furniture, etc...hopefully we can afford some nicer things after the wedding and after the house is done being renovated.

Thankfully, even with all the flooding, our central air appears to still be working properly. I hope everything else works just as well.

I am so glad the basement is all cleaned out for the most part. Next, I have to sell the collectibles, paint the shelving units so they all look uniform, and clean out the rafters/ceiling of the basement.


I'm trying my hand at gardening this year. Eric is going to help by weeding the garden when he has time. I planted beans, cucumbers, onions, carrots, pumpkins, spaghetti squash, and cantaloupe.

I wanted to keep the garden small for my first time. Eric texted me a picture yesterday and my beans are sprouting out of the ground! I was so excited!!!! I thought for sure they had washed away after all that rain we got over that weekend! Some of my other goodies are growing too!

I hope my Dad or Grandma will be kind enough to teach me the art of canning. I have a huge cellar downstairs to store canned goods. The previous owner left a canner and a bunch of jars!

We have the most beautiful peonies blooming, too! I didn't even know there were white peonies! I was soooo delighted to see all the pretty colors when I arrived at the house! We had the dark pink, light pink, and white! We have them along side the house, and all along side the back of the garage...absolutely gorgeous.

We also have a TON of lilies growing too! Lilies are my absolute favorite flower! I am so very excited for them to bloom. I can't wait to see what colors there are. I love lilies. We have them all over along side the house, and they take up an entire side of the garage as well. :) :) I am very happy thinking about it.

We've had some very unpleasant surprises with the house- crappy floor surprises, bad walls, etc...but the little gifts like these flowers (in my mind) make up for it. I appreciate little things like these flowers and that the previous owner took such care with his yard to plant so many beautiful flowers.

We even have some barn swallow friends who are nesting under a steel awning attached to our dining room window, and we have several other birds who have nests in our bird houses attached to poles outside the house. I like all the little birds and critters I see outside (with the exception of the extremely annoying neighbor dog that barks constantly).

We have some really great spruce/evergreen trees and mature tall trees in our yard. I hope that we are able to afford to build a deck so we can sit outside and enjoy it all on summer evenings.
Bouquet of peonies! :)

 So Pretty!

 I got a little muddy in my garden!

 Peonies against the garage.


Upstairs Flooring

We finally finished prepping the upstairs for flooring. The carpet in our bedroom upstairs was SO NASTY! The carpet underneath where the bed was, was SO dusty....the dust bunnies where like the size of my hand. Clearly, that bedroom had never been vacuumed or the bed had never been moved to be vacuumed under in years. We found a neat looking heat register under the carpet. The floors upstairs are in great condition for refinishing, but we decided the expense and time to refinish them is not worth it considering what we paid for the house. The next owners can do it if they want. We're going to carpet it all. It's easier and then Eric can move in!

These stairs have had SO many staples in them, it's crazy!


Really nice hallway floors.

Stairs from the top.

 Neato vintage heat register
 Our bedroom floor.

Downstairs Bathroom

Eric's good friend Jesse installed our vinyl flooring in the bathroom and it looks great! Eric bought some new tools and installed the trim, put the toilet back, and reinstalled the vanity. The bathroom is coming together nicely! It's almost finished! We just need to get the vanity top on, install the faucet and new hardware on the vanity.

I'll post the finished product pictures in the next blog entry. :)

Trim and Registers

Eric sure has a lot of projects going on at the house! He bought a few registers to see what will look best with our floors. The holes got cut too large for the vents, so we have to buy raised registers unfortunately and they are more expensive. Ugh! He is about to start work on sanding, staining, and installing trim. We also had a guy drop off our crown molding, so that will need to be installed too! We also need to put the closet doors back on the closet in the office and with the bathroom soon to be finished, the lower level will be move-in ready for Eric! :)

The holes got cut too wide.

Wedding Planning

Nothing too new on the wedding planning front. We're planning on meeting with a potential officiate in July when we come home for a graduation party, other than that, we have a venue booked and date set. I hope to start looking for wedding gowns in August or September :) :)

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