Tuesday, July 9, 2013

T-Minus 1 Year Until Our Wedding. Time to Save! Save! Save!

I finally created a little budget plan for our wedding and Holy Hannah! Weddings are expensive! We have an amount that we are comfortable with and want to stay under, and we have a maximum budget amount that we are trying to avoid. So when I say under budget, that's the number I reference- the high number. If we can stay under that, we are good and we can go on our dream honeymoon, to Europe :)

I'm a thrifty little lady and so I've already purchased my bouquets because I found some used ones for a great price on The Knot's classifieds. $47 under budget, thank you. I was going to make them myself with fake flowers, but it would have cost the same as these already made bouquets...and these are lovely and in our colors. I am excited to get them!

For centerpieces, I'm DIYing simple ones, too. You can buy flowers in bulk online and mason jars are cheap...lol. I don't need fancy centerpieces, what's important is that we'll be married, and our guests will have plenty of food, booze, and merriment to have a great time. :)

To save money, I got rid of my smartphone (GASP!!!!) believe it or not. So far, I am surviving. I have no internet service at all on my phone, in fact, it is blocked! I was paying $90 per month for my cell phone service and that is with a 15% discount from a previous job I had that is still in effect on my Verizon account (shhhh... don't tell them I quit!). Last week, I got my new bill, and it was $55!  Talk about savings! I can live without constant access to Facebook, email, and internet browsing as long as I can save $35 per month!

I also rearranged my direct deposit at work so $25 from each paycheck goes directly to the Wedding/Honeymoon account. That way I don't see the money and I don't really miss it...kind of like my 401K, it's taken out before I get the check so it's not like I feel like I'm missing any money.

I'm picking up overtime at work, and I hope it will be enough to cover about half of my dress. I am determined not to put any of this wedding on credit. It is all going to be paid for in full by the time my wedding day comes! :)

The challenge of scraping money together and saving is kind of exciting and fun. I love to be thrifty and find ways to save money. I am great at it, especially when grocery shopping.

Eric installed some of the crown molding in the house and it is looking great! The bathroom is done! He is working really hard to get the house move-in ready before harvest. He is awesome!

The cats are doing well. Lily was sick with her FLUTD, but seems to be doing better. Arnold is a turkey as always. :)
Dakotah recently took to sleeping in my bathroom sink...He's weird.

Bathroom before picture
Bathroom After Picture

We have a garter snake living under one of our entry ways. We like him...His name is Bill Snake. :)

Crown molding

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