Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Trim and Weeds

I went to Browns Valley this weekend to help out around the house. Eric is doing an awesome job on the trim work! The difference in the house from before the renovation and now is amazing! There is a lot of work to do with the trim because Eric has to sand it twice, stain it, sand it again, and then put two coats of polyurethane on it, with another sanding in between. He is putting a ton of hours into it.

Heat Registers
The heat registers are being problematic. When the floor was installed, the holes for the registers were made too long, so normal sized registers are too short and leave a big hole in the floor next to the register...So, I spent time on Saturday with some extra laminate patching up the hole to fit the registers better. It's going to look a little goofy with a small piece of laminate nailed to the subfloor, but there wasn't much else we could do. It looks better than a hole in the floor.

 We also have another issue with the other registers not working because of the metal ductwork in the floor being too bent for the register to fit in it properly. Nothing Eric could do would make it fit, so I suggested that we take a Dremel saw to the heating duct and cut out enough space to make the register fit. I worked on that for a while, but we didn't have any flat registers left to see if my idea worked or not. I hope it does. Otherwise we are out of ideas and we have a dilemma!

This is my "cut job" that I did for this vent with the Dremel saw...I cut out about an inch worth of space to put the register in.
 This is the patchwork I did for this vent, and the completed look with the register. Not too bad considering what it would look like with a big hole in the floor.
 This is more patchwork I did...This one took a lot more time because this hole was huge...we still have to put a baseboard register here and it's still going to end up looking a little strange in the end, but oh well....Again, much better than a gaping hole in the floor!

My garden was a disaster zone! There was so much grass, it was crazy. I was out pulling weeds for at least an hour and a half, and had two big piles of them that Eric's dad took away for me. (Thanks Dave!)  I did see a little pumpkin and a squash growing, so I'm pretty excited about that! I have a lot of cantaloupe plants growing, so I hope I get a bunch of those. I'll eat those up like candy, yum!

 This is what my garden looked like! Look at all this grass!!
 After I pulled all the weeds.
 I was so excited about these lilies, and they turned out to be really ugly curly ones...UGH!
These lilies come out looking like chili peppers.
 Meh...I'm disappointed in these. I hope someone will want to come dig them up and take them from me so I can plant real lilies.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Suzy Snake
I thought we only had one snake under the front steps, but no! Bill has a wife! I saw her this weekend, they both were enjoying the pleasant weather on Saturday. We named her Suzy. It looks like we have a happy little snake family living outside our house. 

I did a little research on garter snakes and they are good to keep around because they eat mice, insects, and other small destructive rodents. They usually have babies in August or September, so we should have babies soon!

Bill enjoying the weather.
I started temping again for the county and it should last about two months. I love it and would love for it to turn into a full-time position. So keep your fingers crossed that it will. Life has been hectic in Duluth working 2 jobs, overtime at one, going to the gym, and lately I've been on a low-carb diet again to get healthy for wedding gown shopping!
I'm back down to my lowest adult weight, so I'm all ready to dress shop, and I hope I can go in September! :)

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