Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vacation Part 1/Eric's 30th Birthday

Oh, wonderful vacation! I've been looking forward to this week for months!

On Friday, I went to my grandparents and hung out with them. Grandpa is witty as usual...and Grandma had some yummy treats that I could eat. She had some fresh fruits and dried apricots. NOM! That evening, I spent a bit of time with my good friend Steph at her farm. She showed me around her barn so I got to hold a chicken, see the pigs, and feed a baby calf. I even bottle fed a baby kitten that was only a week old.

I love visiting with Steph and her husband Karl. They are nice, down to earth people, and she's one of two friends from high school that I still see and have regular contact with. We've been friends since 2nd or 3rd grade!

I woke up and Grandma fed me eggs, bacon, and homemade bread. Best breakfast ever. Grandpa was giving me crap, telling me that he was going to drive all the way to Duluth, come to my apartment, and then take all three of my cats onto a boat and sail them about a mile from shore. He said he was then going to throw them all overboard. He had this very detailed plan....which was humorous because if you know my grandpa, you know that you can't get his butt off the farm. I was like, "Ok, Grandpa, good luck with that!"

After breakfast, I talked to my BFF Kim on the phone for a while and then I drove to the cities to meet with my lovely aunt, Karen. Karen and I ate some lunch and went wedding gown shopping. I found a gown that I love. It's romantic and meets all my's just way out of my price range....So I'm going to need to problem-solve to get that dress. It's beautiful and not like every other wedding gown that everyone else is wearing these days, a big part of why I love it so much.

Eric came down and we stayed at Karen's so we could go to the State Fair early on Sunday morning.

Eric and I went to the Minnesota State Fair. I was disappointed in the food I chose to eat. I ate 2 different sandwiches and they were blah. The cheese curds were good, and we had jalapeno poppers but by then I had a major upset stomach so they didn't taste good to me. I felt bad for the poor animals in the barns. It was like 95 degrees and humid...It was miserable. The wind made it slightly tolerable to be there. We stayed until 2:30 or so and then went back to Karen's. Eric had to get back to Browns Valley, so Karen and I spent the night chatting and watching TV. It was great catching up with her. I miss spending all that time with her like I used to.

On Monday, I made the 4 hour trek to Browns Valley from Eagan. I made a few stops to pick up some birthday gifts for my wonderful fiancĂ©. When I got to the house, I started cleaning in the basement. I cut down some ugly shelves that were built in the basement and carried them out to the garage, and cleaned the area that they were in. I also cleaned the cellar to prep it for painting. The cellar has a few shelves that need to be white washed to freshen them up. If I have enough paint, I'm going to paint the cellar door, too.  I watered the garden and picked some cucumbers. I have some pumpkins and squash getting ready for picking too!

I made Eric his favorite meal of lasagna for supper and later we went to his parents for dessert. He turned 30 safely. I can't wait to spend the next 30+ years with him :)

Some jars I'm selling from the basement.
 We had some oddly shaped cucumbers!
 Yummy fresh cucumber slices from our garden!
 We had a bunch of blue and green Ball mason jars in the basement, too.

I was a busy bee on Tuesday. In the morning, I went to Watertown to go grocery shopping and to Menards. I didn't get home until almost 3pm. I had a ton of stuff to bring in, and then I made 3 meals to make a bunch of TV dinners for Eric. So I was cutting veggies, throwing things in the crockpots, making rice, noodles, browning Italian sausage....and on top of it all, I made zucchini bread from some fresh zucchini that Eric's coworker gave him. I made him mushroom and pepper chicken breasts over brown rice, Italian sausage pasta, and pot roast. With these three big dinners, it made about 15 meals for there was leftover chicken breasts with gravy that he can heat up and eat as is or put over mashed potatoes, so technically close to 20 meals.  We went to supper at his parents' house for his dad's birthday. We had some yummy cheeseburgers and corn on the cob, fresh from the garden!

When I was in town, I bought some cleaning supplies for our house, so the house finally has some stuff of its own in it.

I have yet to get motivated today. I am still drinking coffee, as I didn't get out of bed until 10. I was up late packing Eric's TV dinners last night and working on the guest list for the wedding. My plan for the day is to paint the cellar in the basement and to deep clean the bathroom now that all of the construction is complete in it. I bought a little cheapie garbage can and some hand soap for it, so now it's a fully functioning bathroom. I also want to water the garden again. We got a sprinkling of rain this morning, but not enough. There is a pork loin in the crockpot for supper, and I put an extra one in so I can make some more TV dinners for Eric.

If there is still time,  I would like to sweep/vacuum out the rest of the basement and list the collectibles left in the basement on Craigslist. Along with that, I want to haul all of the collectibles out of the basement and get the rest of the unwanted items out of there and in the trash. My plans are ambitious, but I won't be able to get another long week down here like this until after the wedding I'm sure.

I don't have to work until Sunday night, but I'm dreading it already...It's going to be a 60 hour work week between both jobs next week. So, I'm thoroughly enjoying my time off for now. :)

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