Monday, September 23, 2013

Practicing My "Country Wife" Skills

It has been a busy weekend! Eric is busy with the harvest. His elevator is up and running, so I won't be seeing much of him until after Thanksgiving, which means I must keep myself busy with work and home stuff.

Arnold had a rough few weeks. He had a sore mouth, but didn't let me know until this past week. He was drooling, shaking his head, and clicking his jaw. I took him in and he had to have SIX teeth extracted! My poor wallet took quite the hit! He is feeling much better now and is back to his old self. I can tell he is pretty grateful, as he is clingy and extra affectionate lately. He loves his mama! :)

Friday night, I tore up my kitchen and made a bunch of food after I went grocery shopping. I made a unusual creamy "chicken" and rice soup in the crock pot. It's unusual because I didn't have enough chicken for it, so I threw in the pound of pork stew meat I had in the it was pork and chicken rice soup. It's REALLY good, though!

I cooked up some of the pumpkins from my garden and baked some sugar-free pumpkin muffins for myself. They didn't turn out all that pumpkin-y, which was disappointing. My pumpkin turned out watery after I blended it, so I'm thinking that had a lot to do with it. I froze 2 pounds of pumpkins for later use.
Arnold liked the pumpkin!

I used the magic bullet to process the pumpkin.

My pumpkin muffins with cinnamon/splenda on top.

I cut up, blanched, and froze some green beans from the garden. I also peeled and sliced my cucumbers and made them into a sugar-free cucumber salad for myself with mayo, splenda, vinegar, and salt. It turned out yummy!

I also baked a porketta that I found at the grocery store last week on clearance. Apparently, porketta is a big deal up on the Range. It's pretty good. It's basically, a very seasoned, flavorful pork loin, cooked low and slow.

At Walmart, I scored some boneless skinless chicken thighs for $3.61 for 1.8 pounds and a big ol' hunk of ham for $1.88 per pound. I was going to buy sliced deli meat, but it's nearly $6 per pound! I decided I can easily slice it myself, so I baked the ham, and hacked that up as well on Friday night.

I was going to bake bread this weekend, but never got around to it because I worked on Saturday night and was tuckered out afterwards.

We got some engagement pictures back and they have turned out wonderful! The photographer did a wonderful job! I've only had engagement pictures done, but I'm already highly recommending Impressions Wedding Photography for pictures!

Eric finally hung his last piece of trim this weekend at the house! He is SO happy! He kept himself busy this weekend by installing our ceiling light fixtures, putting up the last trim, and cleaning the tools out of the house. He also repainted the entire dining room. I have a super man for a husband-to-be :) :) I believe we just need to get some odds and ends done, the round wall trim, and install carpet...and Eric will be ready to move in! Phase one will be complete before the snow hits the ground, I hope!

Eric claims that he saw Bill Snake slither into the garden, so he says he will never go back in there again. HA! He better go back in there if he thinks he's going to get any pumpkin pies or cantaloupes out of it! :)

One of the light fixtures.

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