Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The (Trim) End Is Near

The House & Renovation
The rest of vacation was wonderful! I tackled the major cleaning that needed to be done in the basement. The cellar is all painted and looking fabulous. I vacuumed a ton of dead bugs and cobwebs, knocked down some ugly, old shelving units and hauled them outside, and I vacuumed the plaster dust off of the floor. I constructed a platform for the litter boxes in case the basement floods again. I also carried out the collectibles that were left in the basement and took some with me to Duluth to list on eBay/Craigslist. All that needs to be done in the basement yet, is a general cleaning, which some friends and I can do when I have a cleaning party, and I want to place some liners on my shelves in the cellar.

The before picture of the cellar
Before picture of the cellar

Before of cellar door

After of cellar door

Nice and new looking

I can store so much in this cellar!

I'm thinking I got more paint on the floor than on the shelves. Oops!

The shelves I tore down. I put the litter box platform in this area

Because of my constant purging of garbage and unwanted items, poor Eric always has this never-ending pile of crap in his garage that he is stuck dealing with. He now has this massive pile of wood from the shelves that I tore down and some other odds and ends that I took out of the basement. If it weren't so dry in the Valley, I'd say we should have a bon fire to burn it all up. Its going to take weeks of packed full garbage cans to empty out the garage again (sorry, honey!). At least our basement looks more acceptable! :) The garage will get its turn soon enough!

Eric's hard-work is finally paying off and he is very close to finishing with all of the trim work. Over Labor Day weekend, he finished up the trim in the living room. All that needs to be finished are a few odds and ends. He needs to make a door jamb because the door to the office from the living room was made unevenly. The house really looks great on the inside. The change is amazing! Eric is quite the handyman!

We are going to use the leftover trim to make chalkboards for our wedding reception to make one giant program board instead of wasting money on paper programs.

Last week, he installed the last heat register. YAY! We're relieved we finally have those stupid things figured out! He installed it backwards and upside down, but whatever...it's the only way we could cover the hole completely without having to pay hundreds of dollars for a custom one. It is the only baseboard heater in the living room, so we figured if people weren't really paying attention to what our registers looked like, it wouldn't matter.

Door before Eric worked his magic

Door installed and beautified :)

Next on the to-do list is to finish up on small odds and ends by:
1.) switching out the outlets, switch plates, and outlet covers,
2.) finish up on the last bit of trim work on the door frame,
3.) put the closet doors back on in the office,
4.) re-install the screens that were taken out of the windows
5.) order trim from online for the round wall in the living room and install that, and
6.) touch up the paint in the dining room and kitchen.

I had an "oops" with the paint in the dining room last week. There were handprints all over the walls from installing trim...what Eric had all over his hands, I have no idea! Anyways, I used a sample of the wall color we bought to cover those spots up, but the color dried a lot darker than what our walls were. So we either need to repaint our entire dining room, or we need to play with our paint to make the sample color match the wall color and retouch the spots I made. I was LIVID when I saw how it dried. I seriously was so mad that there was probably steam coming out of my ears. Eric can attest to this. I should have known that the sample paint wouldn't have matched! So we have yet ANOTHER setback!

I guess maybe it wouldn't be so bad to repaint the dining room. We could choose a totally different color, but I am very concerned about getting paint all over the beautiful trim that my groom just got done installing and our new flooring. I was very disappointed to see several splatter spots in our bathroom, and I do not want that to happen in the dining room if we decide to repaint.

The last major project that needs to be completed before Eric moves in is that carpet needs to be ordered and installed. That will be done as soon as we have funds available to do so. We hope to have Eric moved in by the end of this Fall. His sister is getting antsy for him to move out, and he is about to get crazy busy at work, so the pressure is on to get this first phase of the renovation completed.

The Garden & Yard

I picked some squash out of my garden, but they weren't ready yet. I did my research AFTER I picked them and then learned that squash and pumpkins need to be hardened on the outside and have their stems cracking in order to be ready for harvesting, so I wasted two squash. I did get a couple handfuls of beans, and we had a meal of them along with some tasty pork chops on the grill one night. Fresh beans are awesome. I also picked another cucumber later on during the week. I have 2 pumpkins just about ready to be picked. I'll have Eric bring them with when we see each other in 2 weeks.

Bill Snake was helping me garden this week. I saw him in the garden twice...but lately he has been being rude by leaving his "clothes" lay around everywhere. I saw a snakeskin on the ground by the garden, one by our garden hose, another one by his house (our front entry), and we found yet ANOTHER one in the garage of all places! I'm beginning to think we have more than just 2 snakes hanging around our place.

We also have noticed that we have lots of frogs and toads hopping around...maybe that's why we have a lot of snakes. Food is plentiful for them!

I checked on our little barn swallow nest which is up against our dining room window and there are three baby chicks that I saw in it. They are so cute! Mama bird is not happy when I stand by the window from the inside to observe her babies though! I found a dead one on the ground below the nest this weekend...it must have fallen out or something.

We noticed that we had a lot of bees in our garden, too. They were definitely loving on all the flowering vegetable plants. It's fun knowing that my little garden is feeding the bees, too.

My "too early" squash, beans, and cucumber

Wedding Planning

I found a dress I love, and it is way over my budget. However, being the thrifty little lady that I am, I am bound and determined to get it cheaper than retail. I will find a way...if not, I'm still wearing this dress because nothing compares to it. It is me. I feel like a bride in it and can't imagine wearing anything else on the day I marry the love of my life.

We also booked a photographer and I met with our pastor to start wedding planning. Our pastor is a good friend of my good friend Jan, who is the owner of Lucky's Place Animal Shelter. Check out her website for more information. It's the best no-kill animal shelter ever. :)

We got a good start on other things for the wedding, so we are looking to be in good shape. My next two items to tackle are finding a great DJ and getting the cake/cupcake baker booked.

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