Monday, October 28, 2013

Leighbie in the Kitchen

I made some tasty homemade biscuits this morning. Doing it yourself really saves a lot of money.

I calculated out what all of the ingredients cost- It's approximately $1.85 for the entire batch, making each biscuit about $0.10. These biscuits are large, just like you would find in a restaurant or McDonald's.

If you bought the can of Pillsbury Grands, you'd spend $3.45, making their biscuits $0.43 each. For comparison, one biscuit at McDonald's is $0.99.

I used this recipe, but the only change I made was that I added a teaspoon of garlic powder and some salt.

I plan on making a lot of convenience items on my own now that I am moving down to Browns Valley. I love to save money and I love having food that doesn't contain of preservatives. It's great with these biscuits is that you can freeze the dough once you've cut them out to make for another day.

Another thing I noticed about these biscuits is that they don't upset my stomach like a lot of carbohydrates do. I think it's because they are fresh and don't contain any icky added chemicals.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Movin' In

I got offered a job with a commuting distance of 1 hour and 15 minutes, so I will be moving in to our house much sooner than originally planned. It's a great job and I'll be working for the State! I had to come down for my drug test on Friday, so I stayed with Eric for the weekend.

We moved in all of the big stuff with the exception of the treadmill. Eric wants to save that for another day and put his brother to work so they can tag team it.

I cleaned up all the dusty furniture today, vacuumed, hung up a picture in the dining room, organized dishes in the kitchen some more, installed a couple switch plates, and I unpacked the rest of my boxes that are here. I still have my dolls in boxes and will wait to take them out until I have furniture in my sewing room to display them on.

I decided to take the mirror off the guest bedroom dresser and move the dresser into our room. We need a dresser and there's no sense in letting a perfectly good one sit empty in the next room. Our bedroom looks like a bedroom finally! We just need to get the bedframe from Eric's sister's house and our room will be temporarily set up with a queen bed. We have a king bedframe, but need to buy a new mattress and box spring for it yet.

We just had to fill up the fuel tank today. Up until this afternoon, the house was so cold! It warmed up very quickly though once Eric lit the furnace and heater.

I came into a nice soaked floor yesterday when I came to drop off boxes. The hook ups for the washing machine must have froze when our house wasn't heated and it was dripping a lot. I was so mad because our carpet remnants got soaked. I hope they dry out decently because I want to use them to make a cat tree. I spent time today cleaning that up. On the plus side, the washer and dryer work great!

I found my little chicken in storage and placed her in the kitchen. My dad and stepmom bought it for me as a teenager because I wanted a chicken for a pet...So I came home from school one day and here Dad had a chicken for me. I love it, and have been displaying it in my kitchens ever since!

Eric and I are so impressed with our living room. It's awesome to see the difference from when we were tearing out the walls. It was a ROYAL PAIN getting the couch in the door, and Eric's sister pinched her finger really good. We feel so bad that it happened. :(





Saturday, October 19, 2013

Window Treatments & Unpacking

Eric's sister Lindsey is awesome. She went and cleaned our house this week, so it was great that I can focus on a bunch of other odds and ends instead of cleaning today. Thanks Lindsey! I cleaned up two windows and dusted off the window sill in the living room.

I unpacked some boxes of dishes for the kitchen and sorted things that will be donated to Saver's and what will go on the garage sale. I unpacked some stuff for the bathroom, as well.
I put some panels up in the kitchen. We'll replace these when we have our coffee themed items bought :)

I ran the washing machine while I was there to make sure it works. It works GREAT! The only problem is that the connection for the hoses leaks, so it drips water all over the floor. Eric is going to have to add new seal. I'm assuming it's leaking because the seal is dried up and crappy.

I vacuumed and set up the furniture in the guest bedroom. The room is nice and spacious. I was pretty peeved to see that the carpet installers scratched paint off the walls in several places. It wouldn't be such a big deal, but we do not have any of that particular paint color left. I placed the bed so that the headboard covers up the two biggest spots. I'm excited to get the box spring and mattress in there so I can fix the bed and decorate the room. The light fixture we bought is too dim for the room, so I am on the hunt for a nice looking lamp to increase the light in the room. It's too dark without one.  I can't wait to host overnight guests!

The guest bedroom
Before picture of guest bedroom.

I installed the curtain rod and panels for the living room windows, and rolled out the area rug we bought. The living room looks awesome. It's amazing how far we've come. I remember back when I felt hopeless looking at the living room when it was all torn up with plaster all over the carpet. The change is amazing!
We got these panels for a steal. 60% off at Bed, Bath, and Beyond!

I had to set chairs on it to keep it from rolling back up.
Before picture of the living room.

I brought in the shades for the dining room, as well as set up the table and chairs. We need some wall decorations in there, badly. It's such a big space and I need to figure out how to fill it without it looking cluttered.

I also installed curtain rods in the office, and measured the windows so I can buy valances for them. I put curtains on the kitchen window too.

Yesterday I got the hardware installed on the bathroom vanity. The bathroom is complete now! :)
This picture compares the old and new hardware.

Bad lighting for cell phone picture, but here's the finished product!

Everything is coming together. I am excited to get the rest of Eric and my stuff moved in so the house will be complete.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I've been a busy bee on my weekends lately. I tried my hand at making apple butter in the crockpot.
I just cut up apples and threw them in with cinnamon and nutmeg.

I let it cook down for 8 hours and then gave it all a whirl in the blender.

If I stopped here, it would be applesauce. I let it cook down longer to thicken up for apple butter.

I also baked a couple pumpkins to freeze the meat of them for pumpkin pies. I roasted the seeds to make a healthy snack.

I also made a crockpot full of white chicken chili. NOM!

Eric came up to see me when he didn't have to work and I made him some porketta in the crockpot, and along with it, I made homemade from scratch biscuits. They were really plain so next time I'm going to spruce them up a bit with garlic and butter.

I'm gearing up to move, so I've sold my dresser and am hoping to sell my big cat tree and a few other items. I hope they sell so I can put gas in my crappy van. I had a flat tire this week and my awesome neighbor and landlord helped me out with switching the tire for a spare.

We also bought a 2013 Chevy Cruise so money is going to be even tighter for while.

Carpet got installed in our house! Phase 1 is complete. We are going to wait on Phase 2 until Spring.