Monday, October 28, 2013

Leighbie in the Kitchen

I made some tasty homemade biscuits this morning. Doing it yourself really saves a lot of money.

I calculated out what all of the ingredients cost- It's approximately $1.85 for the entire batch, making each biscuit about $0.10. These biscuits are large, just like you would find in a restaurant or McDonald's.

If you bought the can of Pillsbury Grands, you'd spend $3.45, making their biscuits $0.43 each. For comparison, one biscuit at McDonald's is $0.99.

I used this recipe, but the only change I made was that I added a teaspoon of garlic powder and some salt.

I plan on making a lot of convenience items on my own now that I am moving down to Browns Valley. I love to save money and I love having food that doesn't contain of preservatives. It's great with these biscuits is that you can freeze the dough once you've cut them out to make for another day.

Another thing I noticed about these biscuits is that they don't upset my stomach like a lot of carbohydrates do. I think it's because they are fresh and don't contain any icky added chemicals.

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