Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Big Move

It finally happened! I'm here for good.

It was SO hard saying goodbye to my coworkers. It was awkward saying goodbye to some because I was about to burst into tears so I gave hugs and turned away, drinking my coffee...trying to hold it together. I couldn't stop crying when I said goodbye to my fellow housekeepers, favorite cook, and supervisor. I still randomly tear up thinking about it. It's extremely difficult knowing that I won't see some of my coworkers ever again.

The move was uneventful. I got to Browns Valley in 5 hours or so. It was about 25 degrees in Duluth when I left, and it was 65 when I got home. That was a nice change! I got everything unpacked and relaxed.

I sold some antique nails that we found in our basement to someone in town. I still have a bunch of vintage items that I would like to get rid of. I foresee a garage sale in our future.

On Thursday, I kidnapped my grandma and met my aunt at the Wedding Shoppe to buy my wedding gown. I got it for 40% off. We also went to lunch and shopping. On my way home, I picked up a little table and chair set for our kitchen that I bought at an online auction. Our kitchen looks pretty complete now.

I'm on the hunt for more furniture for my sewing room and would like to find a small hutch for the dining room.

We have yet another problem with the house. We had water backed up in the basement when I washed clothes or showered. Eric's dad brought someone over to look at it this morning and we have a backed up sewer main. There's toilet paper and sewage in the basement, so now we have to deal with that. I hate not being able to use my bathroom. A plumber from Watertown is coming today to try to fix it.

My cats are settling in just fine. I think they are very happy with all of the space. I am too! They don't track litter all over the house because the litter boxes are down in the basement, and the litter granules fall off their feet as they run back up the stairs. Sometimes I can't find them during the day, probably because they are hiding in some neat new places.

I'm feeling pretty anxious about starting my new job. I am putting myself under so much pressure to do a great job. I hope I make it through the probationary period, so I can be a long-term employee for the State of South Dakota.

I plan on doing some baking this weekend. We have next to zero freezer space, so I want to use up some pumpkin to free up space. We have three freezers down stairs, and not one of them works. I'm giving one of them another try and plugged it in. I'll check on it soon and see how cold it is. We desperately need freezer space for all of my baking, cooking, and food. I want to buy a bunch of ham when it goes on sale for the holidays. We could eat it all year long. Hamburger was on sale for $2.39 per pound. I bought 10 pounds of it. That's pretty cheap for hamburger out in this area. Cheese had amazing prices yesterday too! It was $3.00 per pound, so I bought 5 pounds of it. Cream cheese was .99 per pound- got 4 of  those.

I'm grateful for our huge pantry downstairs, even though it has an inch of water in it right now (ugh! stupid sewer!) I love that I can put anything extra down there to save space in our tiny cupboards upstairs.

Today, I'm going to research how to build a compost pile and try to tear out the vines in the garden today since it's still nice out. I have a ton of raking to do as well. It should be a busy weekend. :)

Arnold is the biggest cuddle bug.

Arnold decided to help me search for recipes. :)

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