Sunday, February 16, 2014


This has been a busy few months! We haven't been working on any renovations due to the cold weather and lack of funds. We are saving for the wedding...which is 125 days away!

This house is so drafty...we have had to fill the fuel tank THREE times this winter already!! The subzero temperatures lately arent helping.

We also are having a problem with one of our entryways leaking. Eric sealed it up from the outside yesterday but found the floor a mess this morning again.  We will need to hire a contractor this spring to seal it up. We may just end up sealing up the door and turning the space into a closet.

We took a trip to Memphis in January for a wedding. I discovered that I love southern food. The wedding was in Arkansas and we took the short drive to Mississippi to see the casinos in Tunica. It was a good trip!

In December, I hit the ditch with my car on my way to work...that was a pain, but I absolutely love my job! I couldn't ask for a better life! Thankfully we had full coverage and I only had to fork out $250 of the $1300 bill.

I'm hoping to build a chicken coop this spring and I'm hoping to get a dog. But we will need to see where finances are at first before I start buying all kinds of fun stuff. The cats are are doing good. Arnold keeps being a turkey and harassing Lily. Dakotah is grumpy as usual but everything seems good with the furbabies.

I'm already starting to plan my garden for the summer. My aunt offered to give me some raspberry bushes which I think would go nicely along the garage. I want to dig up the lilies and either sell those or give them away. They are those ugly Tiger Lilies that I find unattractive so I'm hoping someone will take them and get them out of my hair. I have a bunch of seeds from last year that I bought on clearance and I'm hoping that they will still be viable to grow in the garden this spring. I know for sure that I'm going to grow some peppers and lettuce. I don't think I'm going to grow pumpkins because I hate processing them and getting them ready to freeze. I hope to grow spagetti squash and strawberries. I also would like to try growing potatoes and sweet potatoes this year too. I also I'm planning to retry growing onions and carrots since that didn't work out last year.

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