Sunday, September 28, 2014

Busy Weekend!

It was a fabulous day weather-wise on Saturday, so I got a lot of things done. I cleaned up the chicken coop a little bit. I installed new feeders for the flock as the one I had was just too small for so many birds. I made a little step for the birds to reach their new feeders. I also just hung out with the birds and threw them treats a few times in the afternoon.

The plan was to butcher the ducks, but after thinking about it more, I don't feel that it would be worth my time and effort because the ducks are so small. There is not much to them and I might just get a little bit of breast meat, enough for a one-person meal...Not worth it to me, so I worked hard to advertise them. I kept two females so I can get duck eggs for baking in the spring.

I found a lady about an hour away who traded 5 chickens for 5 of my ducks. I'm happy with my new ladies. She was supposed to give me Ameruacana chickens, but she apparently doesn't know her chicken breeds because she gave me Barred Rocks...oh well. Barred Rocks are a good dual purpose breed, meaning they are good for both meat and laying eggs. All of the birds that I have are either layers or dual purpose. I want to get a few meat birds this spring to eat, and I'm looking forward to raising my own food. How cool is that?
My new Barred Rock hens.
One of my new ladies laid me an egg within 20 minutes of bringing them home!

I was pretty busy on Saturday in the kitchen as well. I made apple butter, apple pie, and I blanched and froze brussel sprouts from the garden. We ate some brussel sprouts for supper and they are SO good! I also picked a bunch of jalapeno and banana peppers from the garden for Eric. I think I'll wait until I have a few more to can them.

The start of apple butter!

It is so much fun tending to my chickens and being a little Leighbie Homemaker. I wish I could do this full time. There is so many things to be done around here, but I do enjoy working at my job during the week.

It was a great weekend to get things done. I only have a few more of these left and I need to start prepping for the winter. I will be making a hideout for the birds in the coop for them to huddle in to keep warm this winter. Look for a post about that coming soon. Thanks for reading! :)

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