Saturday, September 6, 2014


No one told me how much fun chickens are!!! I was saddened to learn that you can't keep chickens on less than 1 acre. So one day last week, I asked my father-in-law if he would consider letting me keep chickens somewhere on his farm and he said yes! I was so happy. He offered a nice little granary that is in good shape, so last weekend I spend some time cleaning it up. I sweet talked my wonderful husband into hanging the doors on my coop, as well as help me make a run for the chickens.

It turned out great! I would love to paint the coop one day, but for now, it's perfect. The floor is in great shape- it has a cement floor, and the building is secure. I looked all around the building for even the tiniest hole, but couldn't find one. I hope my chickens are pretty safe from predators. I didn't let them out this morning right away because I heard coyotes yipping outside. I don't want to tempt them.

I bought a total of 12 chickens from a town a few miles away. He asked if I wanted to take the ducks as well, so I took them. I was interested in keeping ducks eventually too so I thought "oh, what the hell!" I have 7 Indian Runner ducks now too. One is a little runt. All of the ducks are pretty timid and don't like me. They always run around in a their little group. Eric calls them the Duck Committee.

I have a few different breeds of chicken- Two are Black Australorps, two are Buff Orpingtons, I have 1 Black Sex Link, two Barred Rocks, 3 Rhode Island Reds, and 2 White Leghorns.

I have gotten 15 eggs so far! All but the leghorns are 7 months old, and the leghorns are 4 months.

I have found that the birds love tomatoes and corn. Tonight, I spent 20 minutes sitting in their run hand feeding them strawberries. They love those! It's really fun to watch the chickens steal the berries from each other. I have one chicken, Sally, who was running the other chickens away when they got near her tomato! I have two chickens named...Sally and Piper. They are my two favorites. Sally will let me hold her. Piper is just really pretty. I am contemplating getting a rooster. Someone in a different town is offering one for free. He would be useful to help protect the flock.
The Coop

Enjoying some tomatoes

All my chickens

The Duck Committee

Sally is the one on the left. 

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