Saturday, September 13, 2014

RIP Crispy

We got about a dozen eggs this week surprisingly because of how gloomy it was. I was so proud to bring my first dozen over to my in-laws last weekend. I'm learning so much about chickens- apparently chickens lay better when there is a lot of sunshine. 
The ducks aren't laying yet and I think they were too young for this laying season. Ducks lay only during the late spring/summer. After the end of August or so, they stop because there isn't enough sun for them. These ducks must have been hatched late spring so they missed laying for this year. I am trying to sell them right now because I would rather have a different breed of duck. They sure are fun to watch but I'm also a little perturbed that I have to wait until spring to get duck eggs. Plus, there is no one around here that processes ducks. There is one place nearby that will process chickens, but they do not do ducks. I'm hoping to find someone that will butcher them for me or sell them to someone. I feel dumb listing them on the FB garage sale websites because the guy I bought them from is on every single one of those sites and he will see me listing them for sale already....ugh. My mistake was not looking into duck processing facilities before I said yes to buying 7 ducks.

I brought home a brand new Ameracauna rooster today. He is a big, handsome boy with quite the crow! I named him Francis. He just looks like a Francis, so that's how he got his name. The ladies in the coop started pecking at him and he puffed up and fought back. He needs to establish that he is the boss of the coop now, and the girls will just have to deal with it. He is really noisy with his crowing...My poor in laws have to listen to him. I told Dave that if he gets too annoying, we can turn him into rooster stew.

I imagine I will have some fun stories about Francis trying to impress the ladies of the coop.  I think Francis and Piper would make quite the handsome couple, but roosters are polygamous... All 11 ladies in the coop with be "his" ladies. What a stud.

Crispy came down with something this week. She was just sitting in the coop, so I removed her and kept her in the dog kennel so she wouldn't spread anything to the others. I suspect she got an infection from getting bit by a dog in the beginning of the week. It was fun to finally have my house chicken but she became more lethargic and wouldn't drink the antibiotic water I gave her or eat any food. She would poop and pee all over herself. One night I gave her a shower to clean her up and she seemed much more comfortable. Over Friday night/Saturday she got worse. She couldn't stand on her own, refused food, had diarrhea... Poor little girl. We killed her this afternoon to put her out of her misery. I've never killed anything before. It was horrible. I gave her some cuddles and a kiss goodbye before we did it and I feel horrible now. I wasn't prepared for this when I became a chicken mommy.

She's buried in my garden under the peonies. She was loved for the short time she was with me. She got lots of cuddles, kisses, and extra attention when she was sick and living in my house. I feel really sad right now. :(
Cripsy on the day I got her.

Crispy after her shower.

This picture cracks me up. Look at Dakotah in the background.

Let's hope no more of my birds get sick. On to a better week....

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