Sunday, December 7, 2014

Chicken Murder Mystery

Friday morning, I went out to my coop to find a headless chicken in my run!

I have only had my chickens for three months and I didn't think I would have a predator attack so soon! I was walking up to my coop and I saw something laying in the run and my heart dropped. I saw my auto door open, and it dropped further. I walked closer, saw feathers everywhere and my chicken laying there with a bloody neck and a missing head. I opened up the coop and was relieved to find 17 birds healthy and alive. With the other birdies OK, I narrowed my suspicions down to raccoon or possum because mink/weasel tend to wipe out entire flocks in a night. Possum/raccoon tend to pick off one or two birds at a time. A fox/coyote/cat would have taken the entire bird with them.

At first I was sad. I am grateful it wasn't one of my named/favorite chickens...but it still was one of MY chickens. This predator picked the wrong chicken lady to f*ck with. I am going to catch it, and I am going to kill it.

I went into rambo mode. I went to Runnings and bought a live trap, lined up a buddy with a gun (Thanks Josh!) who will help me discharge the critter once I do catch it, and enlisted the help of my handsome hubby to make sure my coop is even more secure by changing up the open/close times of the automatic door. It looks like the timer on the door got bumped and the door was opened in the middle of the night on Friday, so one of the chickens got 'nabbed. :(

Once I brought the trap home, I set it up and tested it out in the house...Of course, Dakotah is such a fatty, he couldn't resist the wet food and he found himself stuck in a trap...hahaha. He was NOT impressed. I was pretty happy that it worked!

On the first night that I set it up, it didn't catch anything. Last night, I caught Gertie, Dave & Candy's cat....hahahaha...which is hilarious because she is the sweetest farm cat anyone could ask for. She eats breakfast with the chickens and wouldn't hurt a fly. I actually expected her to be in the trap this morning because yesterday she was TRYING to get into the trap because there was cat food in it, so she hung out in the run ALL day trying to get to the cat food. She probably waited until the trap was live just so she could get some food!!

When I catch the killer, I will let you know. I know he will come back...once something knows where to get a free meal, it will be back! I will proudly hang it's pelt on the coop door to make an example of it to it's peers!

Aside from the killer drama, I found an awesome egg basket shaped like a chicken for 25 cents at a thrift store. It was blue originally, so I spray painted it white. I'm proud of my little purchase!!

My wonderful husband also spent some time this weekend and made my a waterer for the birds that uses a de-icer in a 5 gallon bucket so we have less of a water mess in the coop. The ducks have gotten the hang of using it so far. I hope the chickens learn to use it soon.

My brother came down to visit for a night and it was really fun to have him. We ate pizza and watched Walking Dead, and then in the morning I made a huge breakfast of biscuits, gravy, and fried eggs. NOM!

Well, I have some auctions ending on eBay today and some eggs to collect in my new chicken basket! Thanks for reading! :)

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