Saturday, February 7, 2015

And then there were 17...

Well, I lost another chicken this week. Some of the chickens are easily spooked so if the dogs get a wild hair up their ass to start barking at the chickens, they'll fly up and suddenly find themselves on the wrong side of the chicken run. I'm guessing this is what happened to my Barred Rock this week. I'm pretty grumpy about it. It's one thing if the animal was HUNGRY, but dogs generally kill just because they are playing and think it is FUN! My poor chicken probably suffered a horrible death, scared and being dragged around- probably even by my own dog Jack. Ugh.  He's lucky I like him.

My first project this spring will be to add a net to the top of the chicken run so that doesn't happen again.

I found some playground sand this morning at the hardware store so I brought that out to the chicken run and dumped it on a pile for the ladies. The chickens LOVE taking dust baths in sand. It helps keep the critters and mites off of them. They haven't had very good access to any dirt all winter because the ground has been frozen solid. I was excited to find some sand this morning for them!

The weather got cold this week, so egg production dropped and the ducks stopped laying completely again. The ladies went back down to 4-6 eggs per day or so.

I went to the grocery store and bought the ladies some discount pears and peas last night and they were very excited to eat those today. They weren't quite sure what to think of the pears, but once they pecked at them a little bit, they learned that they were very tasty.

Eric has been gone all week on a snowmobile trip, so I've been left to take care of all the pets. Surprisingly Jack has been pretty good (except for playing too rough with my chicken). It's been a really quiet week at home...and LONELY! I come home from work and then eat supper all by myself...and then sit on my computer the rest of the night until bed. I am very excited to have my handsome husband home tonight.

I believe I am getting some ducklings this weekend. I bought some supplies today to set up my makeshift brooder for them today. I will have to keep them inside the house until they are completely feathered out because it is way to cold to put babies outside right now. Having ducklings will be quite the adventure so look for some blog posts about that in the coming weeks.

I started going back to the gym this week and that has felt awesome. I am really sore from weight lifting and my stomach muscles are like WHAT ARE YOU DOING! But it's a good hurt. I'm happy to be active again. I really want to get fit so I can see my ab muscles. Wouldn't that be awesome!?!

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