Saturday, February 28, 2015

New birds!

I brought home 13 new birds yesterday!

I'm a proud new mom to:
4 one-week-old Buff Orpingtons,
1 two-day-old Pekin duckling whom I named Steve,
3 "Easter Egger" pullets (Ameraucana mixed with another breed, bred specifically to lay multiple colored eggs like Easter eggs!)
5 Black Copper Maran pullets

I'm so excited. My existing flock was not so much. I went out to feed them this morning and BBQ was kicking one of the BCM's asses. They are all trying to establish a new pecking order with all of the new flock members. For the most part, the newbies are scared shitless. They are so young yet (all between 2 and 4 months old) and the last time I went out to the coop, most of them were hiding behind the wooden pallet I have sitting in the coop. Poor girls!

The lady I bought from isn't too far from me. I'm getting more ducks from her later on when she hatches more. Steve is the only one who made it out of this hatch and I felt bad for him so I took him home with me. I'm debating whether I will just buy adult birds or buy babies. I'll see how raising Steve goes before I decide. She had a ton of birds to choose from! Pekins get HUGE! Steve is going to be a beast. I'm going to have a hard time eating him if he's my only duck....he might end up being a pet. LOL.

These pullets are still pretty small yet and spook easy, so they are pretty flighty. I'm afraid they are going to turn into dog toys, so Eric is going to pick up some netting and posts for me today at Runnings so we can add to the run.

Eric and I have been trying to get healthy again. Eric is motivated so he can better his snowmobiling and I want to get fit so I can run some 5K's and I want to be able to see some definition in my abs. Eric is doing AMAZING with his lifestyle change. Me? Not so much. I am on the wagon and then off the wagon. On and off. All the time. He has been low-carbing straight through and he is such an inspiration to me! I am hoping to get active at the gym next week but the gym won't let me renew my membership for free unless I have a release letter from my surgeon and I'm still waiting on that letter yet. UGH! I am antsy to get back to the gym.

I've been doing lots of experimenting with low-carb recipes and making lots of meals for Eric to keep him on track and he's lost about 15 pounds already. I plan to keep it up because I want to support him the best I can. I actually enjoy the challenge of making recipes low carb, too. It's really fun trying out new ingredients. I especially enjoy that low-carb ice cream that I keep making, and Eric loves it too!

I sold my wedding gown this morning! It really surprised me, but I actually got emotional about it. I CRIED! I was sad because the dress has sentimental value to me but I am also very happy that someone else will get to feel as beautiful as I felt in it. It also helps that the mother of the bride was the one who had purchased it for her and had emailed me saying that they were looking all over for this particular gown and that my gown was the EXACT size and color that she needed. She said that my eBay listing was a blessing and they were so happy to find it. It makes my heart happy that I could mail it to them. I even sent a little card along with the dress for the bride wishing her good blessings for her marriage and her wedding day. I'm getting all teary writing this. I can't believe how damn emotional I am about selling the gown! I knew from DAY ONE that I was going to sell my gown when I bought it, but here I am all blubbering...haha!

Two of my new Easter Eggers, next to a Barred Rock.

This is Truffle, my new Easter Egger.

A couple of the BCM's trying to integrate into the flock.

Jack wanted to play with the babies too!

Taking a nap in the food dish!

Had to do a duck face photo


Me and Steve

Baby chickie and I
My favorite husband and I

Low-carb ice cream. YUM

I hung a swing in the coop, but I don't think the chickens have used it...

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