Monday, March 9, 2015

RIP Cecelia

Cecelia was way worse today. I had been giving her .5 cc's of Tylan 50 once per day. This evening was her third dose, but she really sounded terrible today. She was swollen in both eyes and now had nasal and mouth mucous. She was making noise when she exhaled. She sounded horrible and so after consulting with other chicken folks online, I decided to put her out of her misery and killed her.

I put my new $5 hatchet to the test and thankfully, she went WAY easier and more quickly than Crispy did. It worked perfectly. I do need to invest in a cone though....I had to chase her flapping chicken body around the yard, almost to the neighbor's yard to pick her up. The neighbor's came home just as I was putting her in the garbage bag....awkward.

I suspect, based on her symptoms, she had infectious coryza, but I'm not a vet and I didn't test her so I don't know for sure. I just do a lot of reading and research.

Rest in peace, little Cecelia. Thank you for your tasty eggs and your company.

I think my little baby chick, Oscar, is about ready to go back with the others. I don't think he was ever sick. I will put him back tomorrow- I want to wait one more day just to make sure. He is peeping SO LOUD in the bathroom to protest. I went in there to check on him after work tonight and I SWEAR, he stared right at me as he stood on the edge of his water dish and he POOPED in it just to SPITE me!

I checked in on the other four babies and Steve seemed to grow like 2 inches overnight! He is growing like a weed! I love that little guy!

The birds in quarantine are doing pretty well. They are drinking their antibiotic water, and my hen laid an egg today, so she must be feeling fine. I am feeling hopeful that they will recover beautifully. :)

We had gorgeous weather today and the birds were outside enjoying the sunshine when I was home. They all looked so happy. They have a very muddy run though. I noticed that they have been dust bathing inside the coop in the straw, as evidenced by the circles on the floor. I can't wait until it dries up for them. I just hope the straw baths are enough for them to keep the mites away,

I've been getting lots of eggs lately and it's SO nice not having frozen eggs anymore. I even dropped the price of my eggs so I can entice more people to buy them. I had 6 dozen eggs sitting in my fridge on Sunday!

I can't wait for the mud to dry up so I can steal a few chickens to stir up my garden for me. I'm getting stir crazy for gardening lately too! Well, until next time.....

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