Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sick Birds!

I went about my business as usual today, letting out the birds and feeding them snacks when I noticed that one of my barred rocks had a huge swollen eye! Poor girl couldn't see out it at all. I immediately separated her from the rest of the flock and brought her in the house for some TLC. She also has a raspy breath too. She looks miserable. I hope she will pull through. I went back outside and saw that one of my Easter Eggers is sneezing and has nasal drainage, so I separated her. Three other birds were acting suspicious as well. I have another side to the coop that is closed off from the birds- that is where I put the sick birds in. I have to keep them separate for a while, even after they are better. Their eggs are no good for at least two weeks after stopping the antibiotics, so I have to throw away all of their eggs for that long. Bummer.

I have some powdered antibiotic, tetracycline, that I had bought when Crispy was sick that I have given to the birds. I hope that this will help knock this respiratory infection out before anyone dies. The chicken I brought in the house is in bad shape. I named her Cecelia and Eric went to Watertown to buy her a stronger, inject-able antibiotic. I gave her some scrambled eggs and have been keeping her comfortable for now. I flushed her eye out, but did not see any foreign objects in it. She definitely has some respiratory infection going on.

This is likely from not separating my new birds when I brought them home. They probably brought something from the farm they came from, so this is my fault. It is recommended that you always separate new birds for a minimum of three weeks to ensure that the new birds are healthy. That could be what happened, but I have been in contact with the lady I bought from and her birds are and have been healthy. Mine have been also. It could also have been the extreme temperature change as well. We had a -30 windchill a few days ago and today it was 40 degrees!

Her swollen eye

Cecelia enjoying some scrambled eggs
I have to treat the poor girl with shots of antibiotic for the next 5 days and hopefully she will be OK. Eric brought me home the Tylan 50 and needles tonight. We gave Cecelia her first dose and I am hoping for the best!

I went to put the birds to bed tonight and I have another one missing. That damn fence is going up TOMORROW! One of my brand new Black Copper Marans is gone, I am SO pissed! I barely had that bird a week and now she is probably laying out in the field somewhere because she was a dog toy. URGH! The fence isn't going to look pretty but it'll add some height so the birds will have a little harder time flying over it, I hate when my money gets wasted and that was a quickly wasted wad of cash on that bird. :(

My babies are growing like weeds! Steve is a little doll. I just love him. I bring him out to watch TV with me and he hangs out buried in my neck/shoulder, probably because it is nice and warm. I brought him out to swim a couple times now, but I think he's too little to be interested in water yet. He doesn't want anything to do with it. The chicks are starting to get their feathers and are in an in-between stage. They are just over two weeks old and get SO noisy if I try to pick them up. They don't appreciate being held. Steve doesn't seem to mind too much.

I was going to get a few more baby ducks to complete my flock but decided that I don't like raising babies so much, so I think I'll get 2-3 adult females and I'll call it good. I want them for their egg laying. I LOVE the duck eggs. They are much tastier than chicken eggs in my opinion. I'd like to raise ducks for meat, but there is no one around here that processes ducks, I have some poultry friends who are trying to work out the no-duck-processing solution and if they do, I might raise a few meat ducks in the future. For now, I'll stick with laying ducks.

Well, I guess I shall report back tomorrow or in a few days on how the sick flock is doing. I expect I'll lose a few but I sure hope not.

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