Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sick Chickens Day 2

I have a total of 6 chickens and 1 chick separated.

One of my chicks was acting weird last night- he was laying with his wings stretched out, he was panting and breathing fast. I took him out and put him in his own brooder. He doesn't seem to be panting anymore but is still laying weird every once in a while when I check on him. He seems to be alert and doing his own thing. Maybe he was hot, the brooder was at 90 degrees and that is warm for two week old chicks so I have the temp down to about 80-82 now. I had another chick that seemed to be acting "hot" so maybe that's what the issue was...they all seem fine. I still have the one separated to make sure everything is okay before putting him back.

Cecelia now has TWO swollen eyes. Poor girl. She's still very alert though. I feel bad for her. She's had a second dose of antibiotic. I put her outside because I can't stand the chicken smell inside the house. It is such a nice day outside today, and I'm sure she's more comfortable outside where the temp is more of what she's used to.

I have 4 of my new chickens and one of my other Barred Rocks quarantined as well for milder symptoms. One of the Easter Eggers is sneezing. They are all on liquid antibiotics. They aren't too happy about being cooped up by themselves either. They do have quite the cozy abode, so hopefully they will recover quickly.

Eric and I put up the extra fencing today. I hope that it will keep my flighty chickens in and that I don't lose anymore chickens. It actually was not too bad of a task. I have the best husband a girl could ask for. He helps with all the little chicken projects that I have and he doesn't complain!

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