Saturday, April 11, 2015

79 Degrees? Yes, please!

Today is wonderful outside! I sat out with the chickens for a while and brought Steve outside to play in the run. He kept getting beat up by one of the red hens and the poor little guy had no idea why. He wasn't too interested in swimming as he was not so sure what to think of all the other birds and the wind. It's a windy day today and due to his niacin deficiency, he was pretty unsteady on his feet. I have to supplement his water with vitamins and niacin to help correct his leg problem. I keep calling Steve "him", but I am beginning to think he is a she! Steve is very talkative and noisy which is characteristic of a female duck. I also don't see a curly tail feather that male ducks have. I hope Steve is a girl so he can lay me some eggs.

Steve and the baby chickens are getting so big. Steve is 6 weeks old now, and generally Pekins are about ready for butchering at 7 to 10 weeks. Lucky for Steve, I happen to love him so he won't be butchered. He'll be a spoiled pet. I have moved them to the coop in the second side so they are away from the big chickens. They are too little to hold their own when the chickens start to beat them up to establish a pecking order. They will be kept separate for at least another month yet. 

I am hoping to get some meat birds next week to raise for our freezer. I am going to wait until I get back from a conference to get them so Eric doesn't have to take care of them.

Eric and I finally cleaned out all of the straw in the chicken run last night. That was a big job! It took us a good hour to get it all cleared out. From now on, I am just going to put the straw into buckets and haul it out right away rather than having to clear the run out like that again. That was such a crappy chore! The chickens were very happy to scratch around in the mud underneath the straw.
This is only some of the straw we pulled out of the run!
Time for a snack!

I bought the chickens a sandbox this week and they are happy to have sand to take dust baths in.
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Some of the chickens are still sniffling or coughing at times, but for the most part, I think they are getting better. Some days I get a decent amount of eggs, others I don't. The ducks are laying well and have been consistently laying an egg a day.

I put up my fence around my peonies and uncovered my strawberries this week, too. I already have some strawberries turning green. I have lots of tulips popping up out of the ground.

Over the last month or so, we have discovered that Eric has an egg intolerance. He gets horrible stomach upset when he eats eggs, so now we are switching him over to duck eggs. I was volunteered to make deviled eggs for our family lunch tomorrow, so I made a couple duck eggs just for him. Today I also made a bacon-wrapped, jalapeno and cheddar stuffed meatloaf. I can't freaking wait until supper. That is going to be amazing.

The cats have been terribly itchy to get outside lately. Everytime I go towards the door, Dakotah and Arnold go running for it. It was this time last year that they both escaped and Dakotah was gone for three days. That was horrendous. It's the worst feeling not knowing where your baby is. I won't let them go outside because they will just keep trying to run for the door and I can't have them escape again.

We had a nice trip down to Omaha over Easter weekend. We got to eat supper with some of my online friends, go to the zoo, eat lots of good food, and relax! There was a really yummy ice cream place across from our hotel and I got ice cream at least twice while I was there. I also bought some pretty dresses from a vintage clothing store down the road. I had a good time.

My husband is so handsome!
We went to look at campers on our way back from Omaha and found one that we wanted. Unfortunately, the dealership sold the one we wanted yesterday. We were going to go get it today, too. That was very disappointing because it had everything we wanted and it was the perfect camper for us. Hopefully Eric will come across another one soon so we can start prepping for camping!

We had a contractor look at our upstairs bathroom this week because we plan to remodel it. He won't be able to get to work on it until June, but I am really looking forward to having a second bathroom, especially since it will have a tub!

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