Friday, April 17, 2015

RIP Sally

Sally is the bird who had all the fluid build-up in her abdomen. Yesterday, I noticed the poor girl seemed pretty lethargic and I checked out her belly. She was very thin and her belly was full of fluid again. I had actually planned to put her down this weekend, but I found her dead in the coop this afternoon. She was one of my favorites. She was a sweet little Buff Orpington who was friendly and would sit on my lap. :(

I went to Tractor Supply Company today with the intention to bring home 10 meat birds, but the chicks that were there were spoken for, so I brought home 3 Swedish and 2 Pekin ducklings. The Swedish have THE CUTEST little black feet. They are just adorable. I put a little dish of water in their brooder and when I came back to check on them, three of them were SWIMMING in it!!! They are so cute. My heart is happy.

One of my two month old chicks was acting weird when I went out to the coop. She was sleeping in the food dish by herself and seemed a lethargic. I hope she's not ill. I'll keep an extra eye on her this weekend. She was pretty droopy, so I think I will give her and the two sneezing Barred Rocks some antibiotics tomorrow. I hope these babies haven't  already caught the respiratory disease that my other birds have. Part of the reason I chose to get new baby ducklings is because they are pretty disease resistant, so I won't have to worry about them getting sick.

I'm trying to get someone lined up to butcher my flock so I can clean the coop and disinfect. I am considering buying a chicken tractor to house my babies while the coop is being cleaned. The one I saw at Runnings for $240 would be perfect because I can drag it around the yard so the birds can have fresh grass every few days.

Eric and I will be off to check out campers tomorrow morning. Hopefully we will be bringing one home with us. I seriously can't wait to start camping. I'm so antsy to sit around a campfire and make camping snacks. We are planning at trip out to the Black Hills or Yellowstone in August. I'm really looking forward to that trip.

Well, check back soon. I'm sure I'll have more to talk about if my babies have gotten sick.

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