Wednesday, May 6, 2015

No Bird Flu Here!

I got the avian influenza test results back and my birds do not have it. This is great, but I would really like to know what disease has my birds sniffling, coughing, and dying. Two more birds died (Jim Bob and Fibby) after I got the test results back, so I shipped those birds down to the U of M Veterinary Diagnostic Lab. I am still waiting on the results of the necropsy, but hopefully Dr. Porter will be able to tell me what disease they have so I can vaccinate against it to keep any new birds I get from getting it.

My hen Charlotte had been acting really weird, lethargic and was always in a nest box. I thought she was sick, but I gave her a few golfballs and she tucked them under her. She's broody!!! She tried hard to hatch those golfballs, and I felt bad for her. Yesterday I moved her to a quiet place and gave her real eggs to sit on. She seemed pretty dang happy, but today I found her out of her nest acting broody somewhere else. She abandoned the eggs, so I just took them in the house to eat. She's not a very good mom for leaving the nest like that. Hopefully she'll get over her broodiness so she can go back to laying eggs.

My Easter Egger birds have started laying! I got a gorgeous blue egg today and I'm so excited. I love the variety of colors I get. I was supposed to be getting dark brown colored ones, but I'm pretty sure that the birds I bought aren't the breed she said they were (another reason to never buy from a private seller...don't do it, folks!!!).

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