Thursday, June 4, 2015

RIP Henny Penny

Sigh...another one bit the dust today. It's always the ones who don't show any symptoms that keel over. The last one that dropped dead was Fibby and she was perfectly fine the day before...just like Henny Penny. I don't get why the ones who are actually sneezing and have ocular discharge don't die. Not that I want any of them to, but it's just annoying.

I am starting to think that only one of the ducklings I brought home is a female. That means the rest (except Steve) are going in the freezer. The black ducklings are definitely cayugas, which will be fun because they lay charcoal colored eggs and one of the black ones is a female. You can tell males from females because male ducks do not quack. She definitely quacks.

I am currently sitting with my chickens and Francis is running around being a man whore. He just mated with two different hens in the last 5 minutes. Ew! It's definitely chick season.

I have two broody hens. Charlotte is still trying to hatch 6 golfballs and one egg. There were two eggs, but I thought one was a dud, so I threw it outside into the run...Sure enough there was a chick inside and one of the chickens happily ran off with it and had a snack. GROSS!!!!!!!!!!

I brought home four baby Rhode Island Red babies and stuck them under Winnie to trick her into thinking her eggs hatched...and it worked! Lol. She is being a great mom to the babies and it's the most adorable thing ever!

I had a few kiddos come to clean my coop last weekend and it is SO nice and clean. The chickens love it and I'm super glad it's not so stinky anymore.

Well, Susie wants to sit on my lap so that's all for now, folks! 

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