Sunday, July 19, 2015


Life has been busy lately! We spent the last two weekends camping and now this weekend, I am on call for both jobs, so I am GLAD to be home! I got SO much stuff done yesterday. My neighbor was kind enough to lend me his push mower, so I could mow the lawn and exercise at the same time. I brought him a bunch of duck eggs for his kindness. He was pretty excited to try them! I can't even begin to tell you how much I got accomplished yesterday. I got some long overdue cleaning and organizing done.
Camping over 4th of July weekend with my love.

There's a lot to be done today as well, but I enjoy doing these random odds and ends around the house and farm. I feel so productive! I would like to clean out the coop today and fix the snow fence that is up to restore it back to looking nice again. I'll take all the sawdust and use it as mulch in the garden.

The weeds in my garden are out of control, so my garden will be getting lots of TLC tonight and tomorrow. I had some disappointment with my garden already this year...those stupid cabbage worms have been snacking on my cabbage, but I did spray them down with salt water so I hope that helped. Also, with how hot the weather has been, my head lettuce did not form into a head, it went right to seed and overgrew, so that was a waste of 8 plants! I've slowly been pulling the lettuce out to feed to the chickens. I would eat it, but it is bitter now.

I'm so happy my lilies have begun to bloom.

I am getting antsy to start building a small deck on the front of the house. That is a project that I want completed by the end of the year. I also want to build flower beds with some timbers around the front of the house. I would like to increase the curb appeal in hopes of selling this place next year. I just need help with building this stuff because I have no idea how to build a deck. (HINT HINT KIM!!!!!! Time for you and Mitch to finally come visit!)

Our bathroom was supposed to get done in June but we have not heard from the contractor yet. He must have been taking longer on his other projects than he had anticipated. Maybe I'll call him this week. I'd like to get the upstairs bathroom in functioning condition again (another selling point!! $$$$)

Work has been going really well. I think the job is pretty good, but I do feel that I need to learn more about my role as a service provider in the community, so I plan to go with other CSP staff to see how they run their sessions, etc. I feel like I have a good understanding of my role as the home supervisor. I know there is more to learn there, but until I experience what I need to learn, I can't really learn it (firing someone, getting a new intake or discharge, etc.) My staff are pretty great. I really like all of them and the home has a good strong team of people who care about the gentlemen who live there. I couldn't ask for better staff.

I ended up getting MORE baby chickens again 2 weeks ago. They were hatched 4th of July weekend
by a friend of mine. They are the baby chicks that came from my flock's eggs!!!! They are cute as hell, too! They have muffs (fluffy cheeks) just like my rooster and you can almost pick out who each chick's mother is because of what they look like. I have a few gray chicks and I named on Nacho because s/he is a yellowish color and has extremely fluffy muffs. My other favorite is a little gray one named Pepper. I hope these chicks turn out to be female because they will lay the beautiful colored eggs.

Me and Nacho

These little gray chickens own my heart.

Nacho....I LOVE the cheeks!

This is Truffle, I think she is the mom to my gray chicks.

My teenage chickens are growing fast! I plan to move them into the big coop in 2 weeks as soon as my babies are 4 weeks old. At that time, I will be able to vaccinate them all against the ILT, so they won't get sick from the big chickens. I will then move the babies up to the house into my makeshift chicken coop/run.

My girls have been weird with their laying lately, a few weeks ago, I was lucky to get 3-5 eggs per day, but now I am getting close to a dozen. They can't seem to make up their mind! When we went camping I found this awesome egg basket at an antique store and it is much easier to put eggs into it. I've decided that I am going to start collecting fowl-shaped egg baskets from now on. How cute, this one is a goose with a bow around it's neck!

This was only $3! The last one I found was only 25 cents!!!

Steve has something funky going on with his's been foamy and looks like it is sore. I need to pick up some medication for it, so I might go with Eric to town today to pick some up from TSC. I tried to rinse it off, but it went back to being foamy later on during the day. He must have an upper respiratory infection, but he is not coughing and sneezing. I am a little bit worried. I love that duck.

Susie is about ready to start laying eggs!!!! I noticed this week that her comb and wattles became bright red. That's a sure sign that her little body is preparing for egg laying. This is awesome because I didn't think they would be laying until the end of August. Leenie isn't as bright red yet, so she'll be my late bloomer.
This little lady should be laying eggs soon!!!!

I finally broke down and bought a huge swimming pool for my ducks. It's about a foot deep and was SO HAPPY in it yesterday. It was so fun watching her swim. She could actually dive under and she can paddle her webbed feet under the water. Her, Kim, and Karen have troubles getting in and out of it because it is pretty tall, so I put a step in front of it and threw in a log and some blocks so they can utilize those to get out.

I really enjoy keeping birds. It's such a nice release for me. I'm very introverted so just hanging out with my birds and doing projects to better their lives leaves me in my happy place. I hope everyone has something in their life that brings them joy like this.

I've been contemplating starting a facebook page for my poultry farm, but I don't know how many people would even be interested in looking at it. I post so much about chickens on my facebook, so I figure I should have a separate page for that and the people who want to see those posts can follow me. What do you think?

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