Sunday, August 2, 2015

Canning Queen

Wow! What a busy weekend! I didn't relax one bit. I cut the lawn yesterday and then spent most of the afternoon/evening canning goodies from the garden and peaches from the store. I made sugar-free diced peaches and jam, as well as sugar-free rhubarb jam. I made chili beans from scratch and canned those...and Eric had about 8 million jalapenos that I pickled and canned.

It was a busy weekend for the birds as well. The little babies got moved to the "teenage" pen and then my two month old chickens went to the "grow out" side of the coop. It seemed like everyone liked the move.

The birds got lots and lots of treats from all my work canning. I also sold Steve, a baby rooster, and two pullets this weekend. I have at least one more rooster in that teenage batch....and I really hope there aren't any in the babies. We'll see though!! They all got vaccinated this weekend for ILT, which went pretty smoothly actually.

I got myself nice and sun burned today from pulling weeds. I weeded the entire garden and froze my green peppers. I also took out three heads of cabbage and made Eric a cabbage hot dish to take to work.

I finished putting the timbers down for my landscaping project and now I just need to find some dirt to fill it in. I already have some shrubs purchased to plant there. I'm so excited!

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