Saturday, September 5, 2015

Marek's Strikes Again

A few weeks ago, 5 of my babies chicks that had hatched from my chicken's eggs died all within 24 hours (I'm guessing) from Marek's Disease. It was a huge bummer because they were an interesting group of babies. Only one survived- my little girl Pepper. I am very glad she did because she is my favorite. I feel really bad for her though because she had to watch all of her siblings die around her and now she is all alone in the coop. She's too little to be let loose with the big chickens. I let her out sometimes but they pick on her and beat her up really bad. I take her out and she will sit on my lap and let me pet her though. She's so cute!

I brought home three new ducks about a month ago and they are very fun to watch. My new muscovy Daphne is a great layer. She lays massive eggs- I weighed one and it was 3 ounces!! She is quite the timid little ducky though. I tried to pet her last night and she BIT me! I didn't even know ducks could bite! She's such a pretty duck and I wish she would be tame, but oh well.

My eggs have been selling out fast lately. I've had a waiting list for the last two weeks and I finally have all the eggs caught up. Now if I could get people to start buying duck eggs, that would be great. Unfortunately, it's getting to be that time of year that chickens and ducks molt, so egg laying is going to come to a swift halt. Kim already stopped laying and all of her feathers are falling out so her winter feathers will be coming in. The chicken run looks like 2 huge pillows busted open. There are feathers everywhere.

My garden did pretty well this year. I sold a bunch of jalapenos after canning a buttload of them, I'm on the hunt for more apples so I can make more applesauce and apple pie filling. I canned potatoes, ham and bean soup, stewed tomatoes, and applesauce last weekend. I might can a few peppers this weekend. My big plan for the weekend is to clean the coop out and pick cherry tomatoes.

We went on a trip out west to Wyoming, Idaho, South Dakota, and Montana last week and it was fabulous! I want to buy a small ranch out by Cody, WY. We are looking but I wouldn't want to move unless I found a good job first. Wouldn't that be wonderful? It would be a great place to retire to one day.

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