Saturday, October 10, 2015

Oh so busy!

Things have been crazy busy around here! Eric and I have been working many, many hours so the chickens haven't been given much attention lately.

The molting seems to be subsiding a little bit. I have feathers EVERYWHERE! The ducks have stopped laying for now, but hopefully they will start up again soon. From what I remember, ducks will take a break for a while and then start laying again in the winter. We will see. My ducks started laying in January or February, which was a nice surprise.

I'm putting Charlie up for sale because he keeps escaping. I am so annoyed with having to chase him around to catch him that I just gave up. He'd probably be happier where he can run free all over a farm. I wish I could give my poultry that, but for right now I just need to be patient for the right farm to come up for sale. Hopefully something near Wheaton or Browns Valley with nice outbuildings and land will come for sale. I could handle an old house for a while until we can build or bring in a manufactured home.

I had another hen mysteriously die the other day. She had been looking ill a few days prior and then she keeled over. She was like chicken #8 buried in my garden. I should have some good soil next spring for planting!

Work has been busy and I am really starting to love my job. I was worried that wasn't going to happen but I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with the kids. Helping youth is definitely my passion and I'm happy that I'm able to do that with my new position.

My husband has been wonderful lately and let me hire a housekeeper! We just have too much house and too little time to maintain it. She'll be coming weekly to get it deep cleaned for now and then probably once per week or every-other-week to maintain it. I'm so fortunate to be able to afford this right now. It's just one less stress I have to deal with.

I am taking up a new hobby. I have found that I enjoy shooting stuff. I went out and tried it out a couple weeks ago and got almost all my shots on the target! I want to do this more often but I need to go shopping for a gun. I want to try hunting too. Hopefully Dad will let me come home in November to play with his guns. (Hey, Dad! HINT HINT!!!)

My garden is about done. I was able to sell a lot of peppers and goodies out of it but now no one responds to my ads anymore. I plan on picking the rest of my garden today and tomorrow. I'll probably bring the pepper plants out to the chickens to eat. The brussel sprouts aren't quite ready to harvest yet, I don't think but I haven't been out there for a while. SOOO BUSY!

Well, thanks for reading my random musings.

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