Sunday, April 10, 2016

Killer Dog

It's been a busy couple of weeks.

We've been having problems with the neighbor dog lately. I'm not sure if I've mentioned in previous posts or not, but the neighbor dog killed one of my chickens at the end of February and dragged her back to his yard. The neighbor called and COMPLAINED to the city about a dead chicken being in their yard. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Your STUPID dog came onto OUR farm, KILLED MY chicken and stole it....and YOU'RE going to complain about it?! Idiots.

I called the Sheriff's Department and made a report that day so they were aware of it. I also attempted to contact the owner by knocking on the door for several minutes, as I wanted reimbursement for my chicken, but they wouldn't come to the door.

This week, I got home from work and started caring for my baby ducklings and Eric came quickly from the farm saying that two of my ducks were just attacked and to bring my hatchet. He said that ma was calling the Sheriff's Department and dad was going to talk to the neighbor about his dog.

I went to the coop to find my precious Delilah, a Silver Appleyard duck, laying flat on the ground trying hard to breathe. She couldn't lift her head and she was breathing loudly out of her mouth. The poor girl's neck was broken. All I could do was pick her up and hold her in my arms. I gave her so many kisses and told her that I was sorry this happened to her and that I loved her so much.

Eric and I sent Delilah to ducky heaven and then I went to go see how badly injured Karen, my White Runner, was. Karen was in rough shape too. She was bloody all over and had several puncture wounds on her head and all over her body. She had an eye injury as well. The poor girl was in a lot of pain and in shock. She likely had a brain injury with the puncture wound to the head and so I thought the kindest thing to do was to also send Karen to ducky heaven.

My heart is so broken. Yes, they may be "just ducks" or livestock, but they are my pets and I love them. I definitely have my favorites. Delilah was one. I have a few favorite chickens and thankfully, Susie and Pepper were able to get away from the dog and hide. I love my girls and take as best care of them as I can.

So as a result of all of this, the neighbors were issued a "Notice of Dangerous Dog". I looked it up in the Minnesota Statutes and it looks like in order for them to keep their dog, they must pay a fee to license it as a dangerous dog within 14 days, they must also have it neutered within 30, and they must also build an enclosure for it to ensure that it does not run loose. When the dog is out for a walk with the owner, it must be muzzled and it also must wear a special tag that indicates that it is licensed as a dangerous dog.

Knowing the individuals that it belongs to, this will not happen and they will likely dump it off somewhere out in the country, which is sad for the dog and sad for any farmers there. The dog needs to be trained and to be kept tied up/enclosed in a yard. I can tell you that the dog will end up at the pound if I find it by my chicken coop again.

On my end to better protect my chickens, I'm putting up a NICE chicken run to keep them all enclosed. They keep escaping and have been free-ranging on the farm. When the new run is up, it would be difficult for any future dogs to get at my birds.

Thankfully for Dave Ramsey, putting up a 1K chicken run isn't going to kill me. I love how taking the Financial Peace University has taught my husband and I skills to budget and get out of debt so I can be a responsible poultry owner.

That's all for now, folks!

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