Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring Is Here!

Things have been going well over the last month. They have been busy as well, along with the busy comes change. I accepted a job offer and will be starting a new position this month.

The baby Leghorns are growing like weeds and I'm just waiting for it to stay warm to boot them outside. They are too big for their brooder. I think I will clean the one side of the coop and move them out there this week. The ducks I brought home from Tractor Supply are too big for their little brooder so I will upgrade them to the chicken brooder.

I brought home 4 blue and black splash Marans a couple weeks ago and I brought home 4 white crested ducklings yesterday. I love the little ones! They are SO cute!

I also brought home Dave a couple Guineas to help with the mice, ticks, and rats around the farm. They sure make a lot of noise, but they are interesting little birds. When I brought home the Guineas, I also brought home 3 Magpie ducks, and a Khaki Campbell mix. I have 9 laying ducks right now and the eggs are wonderful!!! I wish I could get more buyers, though. I don't know what it is that's so scary to people about duck eggs. They are so yummy!

Today, we cleaned out all the old fencing behind the coop to get it ready to build the new run and that was a lot of work!

The chickens have been escaping every day and free-ranging all day (which they LOVE). I don't know how  Dave feels about it, but the chickens are loving the opportunity to eat the bugs and feed scraps left around the farm. I sat outside for an hour or so today just watching them scratch and be happy chickens.

Dave's Guineas

My new girl, Rowan

Dave's steer, Sir William

Jack and the chickens free-ranging

My new ducklings!

The black and white one is Maddie, the two gray and white ones are Millie and Maggie. All Magpie Ducks.


The ducks were happy to get their pool back for the year.

The baby Leghorns got a taste of the outdoors today.

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