Saturday, February 4, 2017

Starting Up Again!

I'm glad to be back. This last 10 months or so were chaotic but things are going much more smoothly now. For a short time, I sold all the birds and am starting up again next week. I ordered 23 birds and they will be here by Friday, 2/10/17. I have quite the assortment of chickens coming: Black Jersey Giants, Leghorns, and a surprise mixture of heavy breed pullets. I plan to order or buy ducks at the end of March or so.

I plan to order meat birds this Spring for butchering to keep me busy and to fill up the freezer. I recently became a full-time housewife and have big plans for the birds and my garden this year.

In addition to the meat birds, I will get ducks for butcher and for egg laying. Duck eggs are my personal favorite and the meat is very tasty! Stay tuned for the opportunity to buy some eggs and meat!

I'll keep you all posted with pictures and stories about being a hobby poultry farmer!

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